Peonies, Roses, and More Skies for Memorial Day

Pink Peony

I was going to post flowers and roses for Memorial Day, but the skies go in the way.


Spunk kiss!

Iris partying with Dr. Huey.

Rose bush, Marina’s Incognito Pear Tree, Julie’s Giant Dr. Huey, and the tops of Gigi’s and Tiffany’s trees in the background.

Spunk eyes!

Another pink Peony

The sky from sunrise to sunset.

Peony Moon

At 5:18 am Wednesday morning, I should be able to see and photograph the Super Flower Blood Moon, which will be a full lunar eclipse. We have had two days and one night of crystal clear skies. The forecast is for clear skies tomorrow, but clouds on Wednesday. The big question is will the sky be clear between 2:47 am when the eclipse begins, and 6:02 am when the moon sets on Wednesday morning? We’ll see. In the meantime, I present you with our first fully bloomed Peony and the moon at 97.7% full.

Pink Peonies on Parade


We had several thunderstorms move through yesterday, including a heavy hailstorm. When I got home, Laurie told me the pink peony had bloomed and ask me to go out and see if the flowers survived the hailstorm. Many of the blooms were a little beaten down, but they survived the storm. I couldn’t resist photographing the wet roses while I was out, and I ended up pretty wet myself.











Fly, Fly Away



We’re leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when we’ll be back again. Well, we’ll be back sometime. With being in the air for around 14 hours, I might actually end up missing a day on the blog — c’est la vie!