27 thoughts on “Tuscan Sun, etc.

  1. Gorgeous rose, and all the images.
    I’m especially glad you photographed the bud. ARS has no class for buds, either in horticulture or photography. Beautiful…!

      • I’m a huge fan of photo #3. The sharp contrast between the richer color of the backs of the petals, vs. the coral edges… but the colors are also coordinated so well… and the rawness of that one damaged petal making it clear it’s in a garden, as opposed to some kind of boutique setting… it’s pretty amazing.

  2. Good grief, I am blown away by the beauty of this rose! That orange-pink color is spectacular. Amazing photos, Tim. You’ve got a gift!

    • Thanks, Holly. Tuscan Sun has a wonderful color and the blooms transform into interesting shapes.

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