Butterflies & A Bee

Painted Lady

A swarm of Painted Ladies descended on our purple salvia this morning. The Checkered Whites have been around for a while.

Very ragged Checked White.
Honey Bee
Face of a Painted Lady.
Checkered White feeding on a dandelion in the mulch.

19 thoughts on “Butterflies & A Bee

    • Thanks, Leah. We had more precipitation this year so the colors rich and bold instead of soft and dusty.

  1. Excellent shots, Tim.
    I was just thinking, I haven’t seen a butterfly since last year over here, and not many then. Cheers.

  2. I have seen Painted Ladies around but I didn’t know what they were called, I just thought of them as “imitation monarchs.” I learned something new today, thanks!

    • Thanks, Lyn. The painted ladies are fun because they often descend on the garden in large groups, which makes then easier to observe and photograph.

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