23 thoughts on “Catplay

  1. They all appear to be having a great time, but Spunk looks like he is playing to win πŸ™‚

  2. Even though they are fighting, they seem very companionable, sitting close, while respecting each other’s space, when they have plenty of space to wander. I had heard that cats don’t find it easy to get on with other cats unless they are related. Is that a myth?

    • HI Susan. I think it’s a myth. Our kitties play and wrestle and don’t fight seriously; however the bigger kitties get a bit rough with the smaller kitties at times.

  3. Oh wow I didn’t realize you have 5 cats. My mom has a lot of cats too. I’ve always been allergic to them so I enjoy them when I visit her but usually my eyes get red and swell. Cats are so funny to me. Looks like these guys are all having fun 😺😺

    • HI Julie. You noticed Spunk’s in the middle of most of the action. They were quite entertaining.

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