New Hammock

Sasha was the first kitty to try out the new hammock. Here she is seen through the threadbare old hammock.

I finally replaced the hammock, before the kitties wore it out completely, and before it gave way and a kitty fell through it. I started to replace it last week, but Loki kept attacking me and would not let me take the old one down. I took the old hammock down, threaded the rope through a new beanbag, and hung up the new hammock while Loki was outside pussyfooting around.


Loki: “I say. I say there. Go away there boy, You’re bothering me!” Loki hammocking in the new hammock, miffed that I made him to look at the camera.

30 thoughts on “New Hammock

  1. Looks great. The Price kitties are very fortunate kitties! I can attest to the fact that the replaced hammock had been well used.:-)

    • Hi Resa. Those kitties really love the hammocks and wore the one out. I need to figure out a way for the to get up the opposite wall and put in a couple more hammocks.

      • No! Johnny knows better. Jeep is his mom, and even though he’s twice her size, she wins.
        Although they do fight about some things.
        You know… throats, eyes, lunges, weird sounds. SIGH!!

  2. Sorry to be scarce, Tim. WordPress is still messing with me. I had to go through two different browsers before I could do anything.
    Anyhow, yep, that surely looked like time for a new hammock! 😉 Your kitties amaze me. Neither Crystal nor her late big brother would have been brave enough to try a hammock. They like stable surfaces.
    Happy Caturday.

    • Hi Teagan. Sorry you are having WP problems. WP has been behaving pretty well for me, but it can be so annoying. Our kitties love the hammocks. Silver likes to take a flying jump onto the stools and spin around several times. Then we grabs things near the stool and pulls on the to make the stool turn.

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