Peonies, Roses, and More Skies for Memorial Day

Pink Peony

I was going to post flowers and roses for Memorial Day, but the skies go in the way.


Spunk kiss!

Iris partying with Dr. Huey.

Rose bush, Marina’s Incognito Pear Tree, Julie’s Giant Dr. Huey, and the tops of Gigi’s and Tiffany’s trees in the background.

Spunk eyes!

Another pink Peony

The sky from sunrise to sunset.

57 thoughts on “Peonies, Roses, and More Skies for Memorial Day

  1. Wonderful, especially the lord and majesty of all he surveys, and, of course, rightfully so. Herbert is ME-OW-ING loudly now. He wants to go play with the coyote packs, and I won’t let him.

  2. Thanks for another beautiful collection of your wonderful photographs, Tim! And always good to see Spunk to be a part of it…

  3. Thanks for getting my holidaty off to a good start. I have a pair of pink peonies bushes in my front yard I’ve grown to love. When I moved in to this house it was a rental and nothing was growing. After a little TLC the lilacs started blooming again and the peonies came up and turned into huge bushes. I don/t have your beautiful skies though, so thanks for sharing.

  4. Love those Spunk eyes, Tim. There is a wisdom that comes through those eyes. Your posts are a wonderful way to breathe in the air and lift my hands in gratitude to the sky!

    • Thanks, Rebecca. The sky has been making me work hard recently. I go outside and it presents me its ever changing mood that begs for photos. Like my attitude on cat photos, if people get tired of photos of cats, they don’t have to look at them. If people get tired of photos of the sky, they don’t have to look at them either. For the moment I’m enslaved by cats and skies as one is always underfoot or at hand, and the other overhead.

      • I share your joy of cats and skies, Tim. Many years ago, I shared my world with a beautiful Siamese cat that I named Samwise. She still remains ever present in my heart decades after she moved on in her journey. Bring on those sky photos!!

      • I think of all or kitties that have past on every day. They are always missed.

  5. A lovely selection of photos for memorial day. I especially love the electric pink flowers, and that iris among the Dr.Huey! But little Spunk and his bi-color nose I love most of all. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Gigi. Spunk is adorable, but sweet? That is wholly debatable. He’s lying beside me right now trying to destroy everything he can get is claws and teeth into, including me when I have to reach over him for my coffee cup.

  6. Spunk is an adorable cat.
    It looks like the clouds are dancing in the sky, from sunrise to sunset. It is beautiful. And the flowers are lovely

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