Thirty-Nine Wild Skies

Thirty-nine wild skies. One for each year Laurie and I have been married. Be sure to click on the gallery to view a slide show of the photos.

All of the clouds to the north at sunset tonight were contrails.

The owlets were lined up tonight in their order of age. Major Tom Peepers on the highest branch in front. Mona Lisa in the middle, and Sleepy mostly hidden farthest back.

57 thoughts on “Thirty-Nine Wild Skies

    • Thanks, Susan. I found your comment in spam. WP thought you were spamaversarying us.

      • Nah, I still have to give more of them!! They go on for a month-ish. I’m like, 3/4th way through. The results aren’t even out yet XD XD !!

      • That’s like never-ending. I hope you get a break when you are all said done?

      • Hehe, thank you!! I will- we’ll have school shutting for summer on the 9th of June. ;D

  1. Happy Anniversary, Laurie & Tim and what a wonderful way to celebrate it, with 39 wild skies!!!! So here are 39 wishes for every loving year you’ve been together and 39 more for the next even more beautiful years ahead …multiplied and amplified by 39!
    💐🍾 Owl family concurs! 😉

  2. Congratulations Tim and Laurie!
    39 Wild Skies are as beautiful a gift, as the skies are spectacular.
    I hope the kitties have something special lined up for you!
    Looks like the family of owls is watching you, on your special day!

  3. Congratulations, Tim and Laurie. Thank you for the celebration that took me to the heights of the sky. I had to add a quote! I couldn’t help myself. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu

  4. This is a great anniversary gift! I clicked on the gallery and noticed that some of the branches caught clouds and 2 branches turned into a heart shape. A very nice symbol for me! I wish you both a very happy anniversary.

    • Thanks, Flo. Oh! You don’t know about the Tangle Heart Tree? It’s quit famous on this blog. Holly at House of Heart has claimed it and it shows up in many of Resa’s adventures.

      • Oh no, I didn’t know. Sometimes I miss things, ideas, puns, on your blog! I sometimes have a hard time getting past the first degree because English is not my first language. I remember a story about voodoo that I took seriously, and it wasn’t. I still laugh about it! 😀

      • You have to go back a ways to get the full stories of the Tangle Heart Tree. If you search for it on my blog site you will find a lot of posts with it.

  5. Happy anniversary! Those are some awesome skies to share in celebration. Of course, the owls are always a welcome addition to any of your posts.

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