All Day And All Night Through

I am super excited about this collaboration between Resa at Graffiti Lux Art & More and ArtGowns, and me. Resa mentioned that the construction project to replace the 130 year old sewer lines that run under the street in front of where she lives in the old area of Toronto, Canada goes on “all day and all the night through!” I told her that would make a good parody. Resa wrote the parody lyrics to go to All Day And All Of The Night by The Kinks. I go the music and recorded the first round with my vocals. I sent the music to Resa and asked her to try singing her parody. When she sent me the audio file of her vocals, I was like “Wow!” she sounded super good. I mixed her vocals in with the music, Resa sent me video clips and photos of the construction from her window, and I put the parody music video together. Laurie was reviewing the video and she thought there needed to be more desperation in the chorus, and asked if I could add construction sounds to the chorus. I pulled the scraping sounds off a backhoe video and added snippets of the scrapping and clanking to the chorus and solo. That was enough to give a better sense of desperation to the parody.

When Resa first told me about the construction I really felt sorry for her. When we lived in Madrid, Spain, the city constructed a new Metro stop about 100 feet from the apartment building we lived in. The construction noise went on 24/7 for a year. It was horrible. However, we were not in lock down, and so it was easy for us to simply go to parks, museums, and bars to get away from the noise. Toronto is still locked down with stay at home orders, so Resa cannot simply say the heck with it, go out and get away from it all. She can go on walks, but she is very limited in her activity under the lock down orders.

By Resa McConaghy

Oh they have got loud work to do in the day time
Evac, jack hammers and backhoes too, all the night through
There is no time nowhere to hide losing my mind too
It’s cruel they pound and crash then roar all of the time

All day and all night through
All day and all night through
All day and all night through

I believe this crazy work will always be there
Oh yeah all day and night time through – PTSD
There is no time nowhere to hide losing my mind
Evac, jack hammers and backhoes too, not a good time

All day and all night through
All day and all night through

Oh go away

I just know that they will be here forever
Oh yeah all day and night time through, fixing the sewer
There is no time nowhere to hide losing my mind
Oh they have got loud work to do in the day time

All day and all night through
All day and all night through
All day and all night through

92 thoughts on “All Day And All Night Through

    • Resa and I would tend to agree with you as we love Cats. This must be a particular exception to your weariness of Cats? Thanks, Brian.

      • That has been my career irony regarding Cats, but my career employer insists the reference has nothing to do with those evil four legged kind ha!

      • All your CATS are belong to Us Cats. Your career employer obviously doesn’t know the hierarchy of the universe, multi-verse and omnipotent dimensions of the Pleroma.

      • Do you know the old video “All your base are belong to us”? When Caterpillar started using CAT, they set themselves up the bomb, and blasted themselves out of the insectverse into the catverse where kitties claim all that’s CAT as their own.

      • Actually was in the programming business and vividly remember the video game that started all those future memes which is why your reference made me laugh immediately. I must say a four legged CAT sounds a lot more fierce than the actual reference – we used to play off our brothers in competition 1.5 hours to the north that “nothing runs like a Deere with a Cat on its ass”

  1. What a fun collaborative parody. Although ‘fun’ is not exactly the experience you and Resa present for us. Oy with the scraping, concrete-scratching backhoe! Good job, especially with the beautiful relief of that gorgeous sunset. 🙂

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. One of the ways to deal with adversity is to make fun of it. Resa has done a super job making fun of her rather bad situation. Resa is such a sweet person that there is no bitterness in her voice as she sings about the 24/7 construction that is driving her crazy. It’s really a nice counterpoint to the awful, disorienting images flashing before our eyes and the scraping of the backhoes. Resa’s voice against the mayhem adds a surreal element to the video.

    • Living through all this construction is not fun. You are right Mary Jo.
      However, it was fun doing this parody with Tim. 😀

  2. God, that construction noise would do your head in . Resa is amazing. And yeah the situation is not brill there for her. We’ve been hammered here but at least we have a lovely garden. I do love that song. Great post Timothy

  3. Pain and woe aside (I feel for you Resa… very much!!), this is a brilliant collaboration parody. Resa’s voice is perfect expressing all the stress trying to endure this turmoil. I love the intervention of the ‘real thing’ sounds! Excellent mix, Tim! Bravo to both and… courage, Resa!
    Wildly beautiful painting too!

    • Thanks, Cindy. I think it was a good distraction for Resa. It’s so much fun to collaborate. If you like sunsets and wild skies, go to my home page and scroll through the photos.

  4. Fantastic collaboration and creation! Wonderful way to express some of the anxiety by creating this fun video. I’m a fan of Resa’s, Timothy, and your creative work together has me smiling. It’s a horrible situation, no doubt. “Oh go away!”

    • Thanks Jet! This project was a fun distraction. At least they are taking the weekend off. Last weekend they worked right through!

    • Thanks, Jet. If it gets to the point you can’t make some fun of it you’re sunk.

  5. Tim,
    Thank you for distracting me with this fun project!
    It worked out nicely. You did a fab job making the video & I love your echoing “oh go away”. Perfect.
    The kitties have adjusted to most of the racket, but whenever they bring in a new machine or tool, they get freaked out. Then when they see I’m not freaked out, they calm down.
    I found a beautiful, yet distorted face in a parking lot. When I post it this weekend, I’ll link to this post. They will work well together, just like we do!

      • Thanks Tim! Depending, I might embed, or link. I’ll know when I rough the post up!
        LOL! Still getting used to my voice.

      • You have either option. Sometimes it works better to embed a video then viewers don’t have to leave the page for another post.

      • I’m going to pause blogging, make a coffee, take it to the Art Gowns room and work on the bodice. I decided on something very tricky. Concentration is utmost. Perhaps I’ll listen to Charlotte Hoather’s album! It’s conducive to creativity, as is MK-O!

  6. Oh my goodness! Wonderful collaboration, you two. But oh man, to have to live with that day and night and not be able to escape? I feel for my Sorceress!

    • Thank you! If I could sing better…”I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor would have been a choice. In the end, I will survive!

      • That would have been perfect, but you are right “I Will Survive” would be a hard song for most anyone, except Charlotte. But I just thought that “Self Control” by Laura Branigan would have worked “Aye. I live among the scritching of the night… I’m losing my self-control….”

      • Oh… I don’t remember that song. I’ll check it out. 9 out of 10 times I realize I know the song when I listen to it.

  7. FABULOUS!! You make an amazing duo, Resa and Tim. Don and I watched the video several times! Your voice was awesome, Resa. Tim your background voice and video were brilliant! Professional! Laurie’s idea of more background noise added to the desperation. Resa – so sorry that you are in the middle of this upgrade, but so glad that you gave all of us a fresh perspective of what it means to overcome and prevail. And howl at the moon!!!

    • Thanks, Rebecca. Howling at the moon is right. Resa is in a bad situation with the construction project and few options for escape. The collaboration was a distraction and reflection of Resa’s unfortunate state of being.

    • Ah Rebecca & Don!
      Thank you!!!!
      Not to worry! The construction is slated to be finished August, 2022. 😀
      Around Sept. 21 the construction will move 1 block east and 1 block west, so the sound will be less loud. Right!
      Well, it was a lot of fun doing this with Tim. It’s a fab distraction.
      The pencils have arrived in Canada….. somewhere. They should be strapping the package to a turtle in the next few days, and pointing it in the correct direction.
      3 more sketches to go!

      • Those turtles are very busy these days. It seems that rabbits have fallen asleep. P.S. you have a great voice for these videos. You may be opening a new career direction.

  8. I’m loving this parody , you two.
    Fabulous work Resa, and Tim you’ve done your usual magic! Sorry about the noise Resa dahling !
    If it weren’t for the pandemic the band would be hanging out to drown it out! Congratulations to you both on this it’s fantastic! Tim, keep on playing funky music🎶

    • This white boy is going to keep on playing that funky music. I hope to rope Resa into more singing, and you too. Thanks, Holly.

      • I’m keen on singing if I could just coordinate the timing. 😊🎶 maybe I’ll sing you a song and let you chime in funky white boy. 😎

      • You just need to practice your singing and learn not to laugh trying to get through parody lyrics. Compás comes with practice.

    • Dahling!
      Thank you! Lalalalala
      OH, speaking of which, will send a 2nd RR & Lala scribbles in a half hour or so!
      Norm just got his 2nd shot today. I can hardly wait for the band to play, again!!!

      • Oh happy times. The band will have to have a Vaxed session to drown out that scritchy old hoe.

      • The music equipment is set up downstairs, right under the bed. I have all my drawing supplies, minus pencils (lol) set up beside my side. What a joy to draw to live music.
        Many have asked – how I can put up with it? My question back is – how can you put up with not it?

      • I’m with you on that. It reminds me that several years ago one of my staff who was still in college wanted to go to Granda, Spain for a semester. We gave her a leave of absence, and she brought her Canaries to the office for me to take care of while she was in Spain. I kept the Canaries in the office because I liked listening to them and watching them play while I was working. I was going into the office 7 days a week back then to deal with my workload, so I could care for the birds daily. Those Canaries brought a lot life in a sterile office environment. We had a couple of other staff members who had to work in my area every now and then. They hated those Canaries and made me cover them while they were working in my area. I don’t think either of those two have souls.

      • Creeps!
        I understand some people might be allergic to certain animals, so don’t want to be near them, but to hate for hate’s sake?

      • 1 shot! I’m trying to get a 2nd…
        Maybe tomorrow, end of day if there’s any left. The expiry is May 1. I said I could get there in a half hour. 🤞
        Then there is no more AZ left. Hopefully more is coming in a week or 2. I’ll believe it when I see it!

      • Hoping it doesn’t run out. However, according to Laurie’s brother who is a nurse who works for an immunologist so they get all the test and research data, the first shot covers you very well.

    • Thanks Cindy! I’m looking to find an available backhoe to travel us around, on what will become billed as “The Backhoe Tour 22”

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