Pre-Bloody Super Flower Moon Rise

The Flowers: Mutant Peace, Peonies and Rio Samba.

The western clouds were beautiful, but not promising for a clear sky in the wee hours of the morning when the Super Flower Moon gets bloody. I’ll get up a 3:00am and check the sky.

The Super Flower Moon Rise.

Super Flower Moon

Super-wide-angle view of the Super Flower Moon rising over the Sandias and Rio Grande.

Super Flower Moon in the clouds.

Can you find Venus?

You should be able to see Venus in the above photo.

There was nice color in the west, but I missed most of it photographing the moon.

62 thoughts on “Pre-Bloody Super Flower Moon Rise

    • Thanks, Rudi. Starting to cloud up here. I lost the eclipse in the clouds before it was fully eclipsed this morning.

  1. Thanks for the moon show, Tim! Yes, I can spot Venus. Entirely overcast here this morning, too. Glad you were able to catch it! That one rose looks like an entire sunrise in a flower.

    • You are welcome, Lavinia. I got the blood moon almost fully eclipsed. I lost it behind trees and when I walked to the road where I would have been able to see it again, it had slipped behind clouds.

  2. Your passion and dedication for photography yields a bountiful harvest, Tim! Thanks for those photos of the moon and the blooms, and as always, those ever changing skies. 🙂

  3. Amazing photos as always. The Super Flower Moon in the clouds is absolutely stunning.

  4. Since we’re currently in the east, we’re not seeing any of the lunar eclipse … so we’re counting on you, Tim. 🙂

  5. These are insane, Tim! I managed to get shots at around 10, then 12:30 before I had to force myself to get to bed. No way they are this wonderful. I’ll have to “play” with mine a bit, methinks.
    Your skies! Your roses! The Moon! What a fabulous post.

    • Thanks, Dale. I’m sure your shots are excellent. I did get the moon almost fully eclipsed before it slipped behind trees and clouds.

      • I was not at my best when I took them so I’ll hve to take a closer look on my computer. It was late, I was frazzled and didn’t use a tripod (not that I ever do!). Oh wow! You were in a section of the world that could see it!

      • You don’t need no stinking tripod for photos of the full moon as it’s daylight settings on the exposures. I had to get out my tripod for the eclipse. The eposures get long to over a second. There are 12 to 15 stops difference between a full moon and an eclipsed moon.

      • I hear ya and some of the photos are not bad. If I can get my butt into gear, I’ll share.

  6. Wow, Tim! Your flower photos are so awesome, they almost don’t seem real! Fantastic photos of that crazy moon, I missed the whole thing, too early for me!

  7. Blown away by all of these shots! The flowers are absolutely gorgeous, the colours bursting out of them are mesmerising! Your moon and sky shots are so good I feel like I’m not even looking at photographs!

  8. Gorgeous pictures!!! Missed out seeming the moon in person but I’m happy to see them now! 🙂

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