Super Flower Blood Moon

All of the blood moon photos were shot between 4:30 am and 5:04 am. I changed my exposure allowing the non-eclipsed portion of the moon to washout. When there is no cloud cover it easier to keep the non-eclipsed portions of the moon from washing out. The bright parts of the moon cast a glow off of the thin cloud cover that turned into heavier clouds as the moon sank toward the horizon. After the moon slipped behind the tree I walked up the road to where I could barely see the white sliver of the moon through the haze. After that it disappeared. The full eclipse was at 5:18 am, but it had slipped behind the clouds and out of sight.

More flowers and roses for the Super Flower Blood Moon.

All three owlets have flown into the bosque. They are near the Tangle Heart Tree. Can you find them in the above photo? I’m not sure you can see Mona Lisa from the photo. I believe she is blocked by a branch. This is a higher resolution image than I normally upload, so you can click on it to see the full image and enlarge the image to help find the owlets.

A super-wide view of the area the owlets are in with the Tangle Heart Tree on the right.

Contrails when I got home.

Wild sky of the Sandias and Rio Grande.

More wild skies. The last shot was sunset tonight.

59 thoughts on “Super Flower Blood Moon

  1. Your blog starts to look like a commercial magazine ( as for the quality of your photo’s )

  2. Special as they are, they are even more precious to me, as the eclipse wasn’t visible from our part of the world.
    Super shots of flowers and owls (Shehanne says it perfectly: wowls!), which brings us to those skies.
    Wildly beautiful! You are such an amazing maestro, masterfully conducting all the elements!

  3. Tim, I’m not officially blogging but I just had to comment on not only on your phenomenal shots of the Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse, but the cloud formations are mind-blowing. I’ve been really watching the skies and I am seeing beauty never before seen. I applaud your efforts for getting up early and documenting this Historical Event. Your photography is genius!!

    • Aww. Thank you so much Amy Rose. I really appreciate the comment, and also really appreciate you. I’ve been missing not seeing your posts and beautiful photographs. I appreciate you throw out some teasers now and then.

      • Tim, I’ve been posting only with comments closed. I’m really involved with gardens still and I just do not have the time or the initiative to be here. I miss “talking” and interacting, yet the joy I am experiencing in creating compensates for it. I SO appreciate the images you shared. I was so disappointed when last night it clouded over here. Today is bright blue sky. Go figure, right??? Have a great glorious day today!! xo

      • You don’t know how many times I have gotten up early to get an eclipse or other event and it’s cloudy. We normally have clear nights, but astronomical events seem to attract clouds. Go figure? as you said.

        Your post is wonderful today with beautiful surroundings, lovely, cute birds and what looks like a bird battle.

      • Ah, yes!! The bird battle. Terrible lighting that day and my SS not high enough, unfortunately. I tried and did my best. The Oriole it seems wanted the branch the Bluejay claimed and thus the battle. The Bluejay won, getting his branch back. And I’m happy for you that this time you getting up early paid off. Really!! SMILING!!! xo

      • Spats in nature. The bird battle worked well with the blurred action.

      • Thank you, Tim. Not an easy attempt but I managed. Working with a long lens on a cloudy day birding at that is a challenge as you well know! I don’t give up easily. LOL

    • Thanks, Frank. I don’t think Mona Lisa is visible enough. I think I might see and edge of her, but I can’t say for sure. She was pretty well hidden in the leaves as you can see from the large photos of her.

  4. What a beautiful series of moon shots. Thank you for catching that for readers, Tim. The flowers and wild skies quite enjoyable and beautiful as well. The owlets are growing up fast and getting their start in the world of the bosque. I love seeing their expressive faces.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. It was nice to go out and find the owlets. Most everyone else gives up on them once they fly into the bosque.

  5. This is an insanely fantabulous post, Timothy! My goodness. The moon shots are gorgeous as are the skies and flowers and I quickly found one of the owlets and had to work hard for the second.

  6. The time-lapse photos of the moon eclipse are fantastic!!! Spectacular photos of the Tangled Heart tree, you have to have an eagle eye to see the owlets in the tree, thanks for the close-up!

  7. Fabulous captures of the eclipse! And I always have a front row seat for the owls. “Sigh…”
    Pretty blooms my friend!
    Happy Holiday Weekend to you!

    • Thanks, Cindy. I’m happy you like them. I just commented if you like susets to scroll through my home page. I see I didn’t need to say anything. Have a great weekend.

      • You’re so welcome! Really spectacular!
        oh I will, I see you in Gabriella’s comments and now in Johnathan’s liking a piece I wrote so I wanted to take time to finally visit. Will do. Thank you and you do the same💖❣️

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