Strawberry Moon Forever

The June Moon, a super Strawberry Moon, rose at 8:20 last night at sunset.

All the blurry streaks and dots are gnats swarming around.

Shey’s tree, colored clouds, and streaky sky with bat blurs.

76 thoughts on “Strawberry Moon Forever

  1. I’m so bummed. X
    Clouds last night and I thought that’s okay, the 14th is officially the full moon. And though my sky seemed clear, nuthin’!
    You, however never fail. Beautiful, Tim.

    • The moon didn’t cross the meridian last night, so it was a full moon. The moon won’t rise for another 45 minutes tonight. I’ll see if I can get it before I go to bed. There is not a cloud in the sky right now. Thanks, Dale.

    • We have not seen the owls for three nights. They may have flown more north or south to find more food. Thanks, Cindy.

    • I decided to use the singular. There are many strawberry fields, but only one moon. One of the few times I’m being literal. Thanks, Brian.

      • We probably stink alike, also. Doing my part to save water, I only shower twice a week. If people can smell me they are too close. Social distancing and all.

  2. Laurie said the full moon last night was eclipse red from all the smoke from the Flagstaff fire. Forget the forecast map indicating the smoke is from NM.

  3. I enjoyed these beautiful photos, Tim. You have a lot of gnats in that one! I don’t see a lot of mosquitoes or gnats here in my area. Must be because you are near the river?

    It s mostly clear up here just past sundown tonight. I should be able to see the moon and stars a bit later.

    • I’m happy I’m getting you interested in the moon. It’s very cool. Thanks, Meli.

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