64 thoughts on “Any Bright Ideas?

      • Since the authorities aren’t very bright these days, the chance of them knowing is minimal.

      • I can appreciate some labeling for ingredients and nutritional info, but warning labels drive me crazy. You need to post photos of some of those warning labels. You could make some great art of them. Thanks, Hedy.

  1. Rope, incandescent bulbs … all that’s missing is a good rock-n-roll song played loud and proud, going down an isolated backroad.

  2. Seeing that brought to mind the old Sylvania light bulb commercial that ran on TV when I was a kid. Now the music is stuck in my head. πŸ™‚

    Where did you take this photo, with the heavy ropes?

      • Totally wrong. I bought those cases of light bulbs when congress was outlawing incandescent bulbs and trying to force those stupid curlicue fluorescent bulbs on everyone. I detest those curly light bulbs. Now that I can get LED lights it’s not so bad. I like the warm color of incandescent.

      • Well we had all that forced on us …all costing the earth and lighting bugger all too. And like that for a long time I got bulbs in the all the kind of places shall we say… that still stocked the old ones. But these days are coming to an end. And the Mr heavy breathes every time I say… We need a bulb. He is not alone in taking the one needing replaced to a shop either. Hell, prob a lot simpler when we just lived in caves!!!

      • We burn candles and torches at night while Laurie reads on her iPad and and I do Duolingo on my phone. Neanderthal and tech.

    • Hell .. all i know re the bulbs is if this progress you can stuff it. SO??? One cave to another?? Re the torches and things…?? In solidarity bros. Be out with the chainsaw later this week to cut more wood.

  3. I’ve hung with some pretty dim lit people over the years, that’s for sure – luckily I’m not as susceptible to “hold my beer” challenges anymore ha!

    • We try to flush them folk out of our memories. No more “hold my rope” challenges either. Thanks, Brian.

  4. The photo is very catching (and I love & appreciate rope, so I think that is one reason I like it!), and then your perfect lyrics to this shot πŸ™‚

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