Moon And Darkness


Last night’s clouds. Do you see a face?

The moon finally made it through the clouds last night.

Last night’s moon at 92.4% full.

Paul is on the left and Peter is on the center-right.

We got out to the owls later than normal last night. At first, we could only find Peter and Paul. Mary finally showed up when it was too dark to focus. She’s in the last two photos with Peter.

The fading colors of dusk from last night.

Tonight’s moon finally rose above the clouds.

Tonight’s moon at 97.6% full.

Sunset tonight with rain that evaporates before it hits the ground.

55 thoughts on “Moon And Darkness

  1. Those are beautiful sky and owl photos, Tim. The second photo clouds look like there is a cat face in there.

    We are getting a bit of clearing in the west up here at sundown tonight. With any luck I might catch a glimpse of the moon later on if the clearing continues.

    • I hope you get the see the moon. It’s technically full and really beautiful. The cloud could be a cat. I see a gnome-like character. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • Look at the slanted eyes and whiskers.
        Most definitely a face of a kitty.
        The clouds are so good to you.
        And the sunset is a gorgeous glory painted with love.

      • Oh, yes I just read. Definitely a Kitty, i must read what the others are saying.
        You are welcome Timothy

  2. Stunning photos (I must echo Liz). The moon snuck out from behind our clouds but I was too lazy to take her portrait.

  3. Fabulous pics. We have a magnificent full moon in a clear sky tonight. It stays light here until 10 p.m. or later and so it’s lovely to see the moon in the light and then darkness. Thank you:)

  4. Great series, Timothy. There is something special about your photo of the moon at 92.4% full, it seems as if it is ready to jump out of the photo…

  5. Beautiful sunset picture! That is virga. When I lived in Sonoran Desert, that was primarily all we got, or, rather, what we didn’t get.

  6. I see a face upper centre right.
    In the 3rd pic, I see a clothesline with a lot of laundry hanging on it.
    Thanks for these wonderful shots, Tim!

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