Two O’Clock Shadow

Moon shadow at 2:00 am

I went to bed before the moon rose last night. However, I woke up at 2:00 am and walked out with the moon and the stars. The moon was so bright it was casting very sharp shadows. My moon exposures were major to say the least.

The sky at 2:00 am illuminated by a super Strawberry moon.

Super Strawberry moon, 99.9% full, at 2:00 am. My exposure was 1/2500 of a second, Ζ’/7.1 at 100 ISO. I believe that is the first time I have gotten that much detail in a supermoon.

Blue grosbeak

We have not seen Peter, Paul, and Mary for the past three nights. They probably flew further south in search of food. However, we did see three beavers feasting on willows.

Bullfrog, a female Wood duck in the Clearwater ditch, and a male Wood duck in the Rio Grande.

47 thoughts on “Two O’Clock Shadow

  1. The moon is very detailed and beautiful, Tim, and the creatures of the bosque always treat. Wishing Peter, Paul and Mary safe travels and best wishes on their new adventures in life.

    Looks like an overcast night up here tonight.

    • There is not a cloud in the sky out here tonight. It’s cooling off nicely. We had a power failure this morning. Someone ran into a power pole at 4:00 am. No power messes up the morning routine. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • Plus, there were widespread internet outages. Here in Michigan, getting a reliable internet and wifi connection was difficult to obtain for most of the day and part of tonight. When you thought you had a connection, then it was gone when you tried to connect.

      • Hit the hardest was CL/Lumen. Europe was worst. They were wondering if Putin made good on his threat to bring down the internet.

      • cl/Lumen has the oldest and worst maintained infrastructure. At least out here, but I assume most everywhere. Everything is old in Europe. The new stuff seems to get a patina rather quickly. We’ve had some strong power glitches at the office that has given our HVAC trouble. I have the servers and network on UPS’s but after one spike the UPS the servers are connected to was not getting power and the servers went down. When I checked the UPS it had a message that it was waiting for an AC connection. I checked the breaker and it was not tripped, so I unplugged the USP and plugged in back in and everything came to life. But then I had to do all the recovery voodoo to get everything booted normally and synced properly. I asked the electrician who put the circuit in for the UPS if he’d seen an instance where there is power, the appliance is plugged in, but it’s not getting power. He hadn’t, so it’s a total power gremlin mystery.

  2. We were up almost at the same time. Though your results are better (and I’m not dissing mine!) Beautiful shots.

  3. Moon generated shadows have always fascinated me, and your capture shows them well. We’ve seen red breasted grosbeaks at our feeders. They have an interesting beak design.

    • They have major beaks. They can probably crack corn with the best of them. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  4. πŸŽ‘The sky at 2:00 am illuminated by a super Strawberry moon.πŸŽ‘

    Oh wow what a glory to behold at that early hour of the moonlight, our navigation through the night.

    πŸŽ‘Super Strawberry moon, 99.9% fullπŸŽ‘
    Simply gorgeous

  5. What a beautiful shot of the moon ~ this past weekend I was on Hood Canal in Washington state and thought how I look forward to the time when I get up early in the morning to capture the magic of the night… and here it is with your photos. The moon and those times outside makes one believe in dreams πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Randall. The moon came up late for the full moon. There is a magic in the middle of the night under the moonlight. I’m happy with the shot.

  6. That is a stunning moon shot – love the detail and I like the darker contrast. Didn’t know you got Wood Ducks down there. Was in South Padre Island last year and the local birders were going absolutely nuts over a Wood Duck that showed up at the Birding Center there – first one in many many years. Common in our parts. Found it hanging out in some weeds off the boardwalk, took some shots just to say I got it, then got out of the way as the horde of big glass descended on me.

    • We have lots of wood ducks. Did you see Wood Duck Daze: A couple of years ago I saw some birders lurking around on the levee in February. I asked them what they were looking for. They said wood ducks. I told them they needed to look for them in March. They acted like I was an idiot. I haven’t talked to random birders since. They can just look at the wrong time of year for phantom birds. Thanks, Brian.

      • Don’t judge us all by a few – gotta do your research if you are going to be a birder – there’s a reason there are region maps in any bird reference. Forgot about the Wood Duck Daze – think I even commented on it previously I as jealous at the time you had a shot of a wood duck in a tree – finally got that long sought after picture this year so not as green anymore.

      • I’ve encountered many unpleasant birders in our neck of the woods. When strangers see me with the Bazooka lens they often ask me if I’m a birder. I sweetly tell the “Hell no!”

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