34 thoughts on “Bugged

  1. There’s a name for those in Bug World and we had so many it was rather disgusting, the patio was covered. Great snapshot this one is prettier than mine were 😊🐞

  2. I love the entire composition of this image
    Such a stunner of an untrue bug
    The beetle search for his ladybird AKA as ladybug

    Have you seen her
    Someone tell me
    Have you seen her

    So goes the beat of
    The bugging heart

    • This bug is not a ladybug.. Well it my be a lady (I did not check out its privates) and it is a bug, but it is most likely a cucumber beetle. Thanks, abvr.

      • Ok, apologies to the bug.
        I just made up the story by looking at the composition of the image.
        No, it can’t be a cucumber bug
        And yes, it is an untrue bug.

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