Dry & Night

Plowed earth lies barren
Fertile ground parched and thirsty
Spilled seeds will not grow

Moon tunnel lights night sky
Portal to the other side
Hallucinations sleeping souls
Keeper of our dreams

Jupiter sits on Sandia Crest
Saturn basks in a golden glow
Stars still hang in space

Midnight rainbow hangs at two
Stars peek through smokey hues
Brushstrokes blotches arcs
Orange, greens, magenta, blues

Jupiter rising into blue
Saturn sees the moon at two

63 thoughts on “Dry & Night

    • Hi Bridgette. You definitely need to go out and star gaze. Around 4:30 to 5:00 am on the 23rd Mercury, Venus, Uranus, the moon, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn will be all lined up across the eastern sky. You will probably only be able to see Venus, the moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. It’s pretty light by 5:00 am where I am. Thanks.

      • 🥀Plowed earth lies barren
        Fertile ground parched and thirsty
        Spilled seeds will not grow🥀

        Disturbing picture, what drought will all do.

        The moon tunnel is an exquisite dream catcher. How blessed you are, having such a beauty embracing your dreams.
        Gorgeous prose to honour June and her rainbow dreams.
        Exquisiteness accompanies these dream photographs.

      • Thanks, abvr. After I posted the barren earth, it started raining. It’s still raining The night skies and their affects were definitely magic.

      • Oh wonderful, really great news.
        You are welcome Timothy.
        Let it rain your side, the earth needs it. I’m so happy for the earth.

  1. The images are beautiful. I don’t remember seeing anything like “midnight rainbow” and it is compelling.
    I’m getting a few sprinkles up here now so I don’t think I will be able to see the sky tonight.

    • Thanks, Susan. The sky photos were taken at 2:00 am again. We are getting a decent rain. It’s cooling things off.

  2. Your talents know no end! Beautiful, Tim.
    Here, we have the torrential rains that have been off and on since yesterday. I wish I could send some your way for your parched lands.

    • Believe it onr not, we are having a nice downpour as I type. Almost 3/10 of an inch of rain so far. ¡Milagro! Thanks, Dale.

      • The plants are happy. The cats are all out on the deck enjoying the rain under the new deck roof.

      • You’ve one of those rain doohickies? It’s not a huge amount but I bet you are happy for it.

      • I do have a rain doohickey. Sadly it’s the most underused part of the weather doohickey.

      • Wow!! We got a helluva downpour again yesterday and the wind is a-blowing today (it’s friggen freezing! 45℉) and rain will fall off and on all day, they say.

      • That’s dang cold for the summertime blues. I guess it’s still spring, though.

      • These past few years, June has sucked balls. We get a stupid hot week in May, get our pools running, all excited and then get crap for three weeks. With maybe a day or two popped in here and there. We’ve had from the forties to the eighties so far. Cray-cray and yes, still spring for a coupla more days.

      • The highest temp we’ve had at the house is 105ºF (40.5ºC) but the humidity was only 9 or 10%. It was 102ºF on Thursday at the office, and the fan motors blew out on one of the AC units on the tenant’s side of the building. The other AC unit shutdown, because it got overloaded trying to cool that side of the building by itself. Our poor tenants were hot Thursday after. I got the AC techs out first thing yesterday morning to figure out what was going on. That’s when they discovered the fan motors in one unit were blown out. They got the other AC unit back up and I re-programed the thermostat to stay at 75ºF. Fortunately, our tech found motors in town, so he can replace them first thing Monday morning.

      • I know that humidity makes a huge difference (we have such high humidity here) but INSIDE the house? 105? Ugh…
        And definitely NOT the time for A/C units to die! I hope it gets fixed.

  3. Beautiful photos and prose, Tim. I especially like the moon tunnel.

    When I was young there was a movie theater with two large round mirrors, one on each side of the lobby. One could look down either one and see a tunnel of repeating images. It was fun. Your moon tunnel reminded me of those days.

    • After I posted the parched earth photo we got .47 inches of rain. I love infinite reflection mirrors. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • As I mention in the response to your first comment, we just got nearly 1/2 inch of rain. A lot for here. That makes for a total of 1.74 inches of rain in over the past 10 months.

  4. You really have talent for writing Timothy, very beautifully written and even imbued with a touch of romance. These are the thoughts that come to mind when you look at the starry sky at night.

  5. Beautiful Timothy. It’s so hot here. We’re under a heat wave advisory. We also have the Sahara dust cloud overhead. Most of our ER patients were suffering from heat exhaustion! Just a steady stream of them.

    • Thanks, Holly. You have high humidity, so it’s not surprising the ER is seeing lots of heat exhausted people. We finally got some rain which cooled things off a bit. We’ve been hot, but with low humidity.

    • After I posted that barren, parched thirsty poem, it rained. We got a 1/2 inch of rain last night. Prior to last night’s rain, we only had 1.4 inches of precipitation in the previous 10 months. The rainbow appearing while processing the photo was a pleasant surprise. Thanks, JYP.

  6. So, no crops this year?
    It’s crazy, but Canada, #2 wheat grower in the world, is having droughts in the prairies. Not as much to go around is a scary thing.
    Adore your poem with the sky shots! Marvellous.

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