Mermaid was happy after we finally got a decent rain last night.

We had a thunderstorm that started yesterday afternoon and rained late into the night producing 0.54 inches (1.4 cm) of rain. A happy Mermaid put on several blooms this morning.

Glenda on the deck, listening to the rain.

Morning clouds after the storm at sunrise.

Can you see Marina’s “Incognito” Pear Tree?

52 thoughts on “Mermaid

  1. Mermaid is a beautiful rose, and busy with bees! That is a nice portrait of Glenda, too. We had an overcast sky this morning. Your sunrise was beautiful!

    I can find the pear tree in there. Nice Dr. Huey rose in that lower left, too.

    • The bees are really happy with all the happy blooms. It doesn’t take much rain to make everyone happy out here. More thunderstorms rolling in as I type. That’s the giant Dr. Huey next to Marina’s tree. He bloomed late because of a long time between irrigations. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Your Mermaid blooms look happy. 🙂
    I love the image of Glenda on the deck. 😻

    • She was really happy after the rain. Glenda was being really cute. More lightening, thunder and sprinkles as I type. Thanks, Susan.

  3. Yay to the rain! Look at those beautiful blooms!
    Great skies!
    And boy, Marina’s tree really does blend in, doesn’t it?

  4. I don’t know plants – it took a second read for me to figure out that “Mermaid” was the flower because at first, I thought you named the bee “Mermaid”. Still, excellent photos Mermaid, the unnamed bee, and Glenda

    • Mermaid is a rose. I called the bee “Honey”. So it’s Mermaid, Honey and Glenda. Thanks, JYP.

  5. Mermaid is as beautiful as her maritime counterparts. Bee certainly was enjoying the fruits of the precipitation. Glenda’s portrait has such an air of sophistication. Great images Tim.

  6. Glenda seems to enjoy the sound of the rain. Mr. Bowie loved to watch thunderstorms. He wasn’t scared of the lightning and the thunder. Jimi is not a fan of loud noises.

    • None of our kitties are afraid of loud noises. They will have freak moments at sudden sounds, but the type of sound and how they freak is totally random. Thanks, Herman.

  7. Oh, my Incognito Tree really plays the role!!!!
    I was looking forward to those clouds and wow… painter on a high!!!!
    Glenda sits at the perfect spot.
    Happy Sunday, my friend.

    • Laurie mentioned I nee to trim your tree. If I did it would be totally camoed. It’s overcast a raining this morning. Nice and cool out. Thanks, Marina.

    • She was enjoying the sounds. A little rain does wonders in our desert environment. Thanks, Rudi.

  8. These are beautiful pics! Glenda is enchanted and not surprising ! I love the rose bush and the Mermaid. Everything is more beautiful after a rain shower.

  9. Glenda gathering herself on the windowsill, lost in thought, possibly hunting musings, or of days gone by, what’s to come.

    Mermaid is just everything, all of silky-light stylishness,
    A honeybee.

    Love the wild looking pear tree as well.

    • Glenda was simply listening to the rain. But who knows what she was thinking. There are lots and lots of honeybees around here. They love our plants and flowers. Thanks, abvr.

      • Lol, yes I know. It was pure speculation on my part. I’m pretty sure though, that she is loving the rain, watching the frogs come out to play.
        If the honeybees are there, it tells alot about the garden

  10. That rose is gorgeous and rain makes everyone and everything happy!
    And Glenda on the deck is gorgeous!
    Happy week to you!

  11. YES! I see marina’s tree! It is bottom centre and it is rounder than the other bushes and bamboo.

    The shot of Glenda is spectacular, I mean it is beautiful!
    Ohh, a yellow mermaid. I hadn’t considered that before. I like the idea!

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