Surfing A Contrail

Venus, Mars, Saturn, and two stars were nicely aligned this morning. On the 25th at 5:30 am, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars, and Saturn will be lined up similar to this morning. However, It might be too light for me to see Mars and Saturn at 5:30 am on the 25th. I’ll see.

The moon was surfing a contrail this afternoon.

Buddy in a meeting this afternoon.

Wild clouds moved through.

Daddy Owl holding tight in the wind. Mama Owl’s ear tufts lit up.

Sunset with the moon

Converging contrails at sunset.

43 thoughts on “Surfing A Contrail

  1. All is happy in your kingdom! The stars, clouds, owls, skies…. Even the Moon, surfing on a contrail [what a great image and description!]. Buddy has great handwriting! πŸ˜‰

  2. Looks like the subjects and items in the meeting were not really interesting according to Buddy…

  3. Suggestion for solving your hiring shortage: In your job ad or wherever you’re promoting your open role(s), add a section for perks about the role/company, put that photo of Buddy in the meeting with a “you get to work with this guy!” Potential applicants will be overwhelmed by cuteness overload and apply instantly!

    • Great idea. We interviewed a young woman and when she met Buddy she said “Oh! Now I have to work here!” She starts the next month. The Buddy factor got her. Thanks, JYP.

    • We just hired a young woman who said she had to work for us the minute she saw Buddy. JYP was right on that count. We are down two architects at the moment. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  4. I’ve been in meetings like Buddy. Fortunately, most of my meetings, these days, are videoconferences and I can turn off my camera while the meeting meanders on (I can hear).

  5. The morning through evening series of photos are beautiful. I like the cloud-surfing moon. We’ve had wintry wet weather up here with rain, snow, rain mixed with snow, sleet and hail in some places. I did see Venus for a short time before sunrise today.

    Buddy looks like he is enjoying his seat at the conference table, even if he is bored. πŸ™‚

    The owls are always a special treat. Mama Owl seems like she is sitting higher these days.

    • We’ve had mostly wind. Clear and cold this morning 24ΒΊF when I left the house. Buddy likes participating in meetings. Thanks, Lavinia.

  6. Buddy seems to have gained a position where you work.
    When will his eye get fixed.
    Really great shots, Tim. After Buddy, I must say mama owl is soooo cute in her nest!

    • Thanks, Resa. I think Buddy needs to be six months old before his eye can be fixed. He is in the office everyday. He is socialized and the star puppy pupil at doggy school. I saw the top of a fuzzy head yesterday. I’ll see what they are doing today.

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