Jorge answered the door to find a strikingly handsome young man with cinnamon-colored skin and curly black hair on the other side of the door. “Hi, Dad!” ricocheted off Jorge’s ears, flooding his mind with memories of the blond woman, a serviceman’s wife, with whom he had an affair 20 years ago. “Mom told me all about the affair,” the young man said, reading the emotions on Jorge’s face. “She couldn’t bring herself to have an abortion.”

26 thoughts on “Surprise

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. It’s a true story. My friend had given the woman money for an abortion and left town. He ended up in Albuquerque and we became friends. He assumed the woman had the abortion. Much to his surprise, his son showed up at his door twenty years later. He brought his son out to me us. He was a very handsome young man at the time. This was before we moved to Spain, and we lost touch after that.

    • A true story. It reminded me of the Cuban song about the couple who had 6 kids, five fair skinned and the sixth black. The husband asked the wife if the sixth kid was really his, and she said that was the only one of the kids that was his. Thanks, Marina.

  1. That is a surprise!
    I looked my dad up when I was 21. I remember the look on his face. It was SURPRISE!
    He left when I was barely 4. I met him for a couple hours when I was 8. He came to Winnipeg to get a divorce from my mom. During that visit, he promised he’s never leave me or my sister again. Liar.

    • You have a sad, relatable story. Jorge thought that giving the woman cash for an abortion and skipping town would solve the problem. She took the cash, had the kid and raised a fine young man. The problem was solved, but not as he intended. When the unexpected showed up it was a real surprise. I met the young man. Not only was he handsome, but really nice, likable and well-mannered. I lost track of them after we moved to Spain. Thanks, Resa.

      • Interesting.
        It is sad. Yet I believe it made me strong.
        Thanks Tim!
        I came over to get your url for my thank you post. I’m back working on it. I’ll be by again later. xx

  2. That would put the affair in the late 1960s, early 1970s?

    It wouldn’t be surprising about the time when it happened. We had a neighbor who moved in her boyfriend, hours after her husband left for Vietnam in 1968. The boyfriend was also a soldier and a few years younger than she was. The woman was nice enough, but she flaunted the affair. She didn’t care if anyone, or everyone, knew. And, everyone knew. Her boyfriend, the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. And, yes he knew she was a married woman with her husband away in Vietnam. When the woman’s husband came home for a week’s worth of R&R, she moved out the boyfriend. On the second or third day the husband, he tried to commit suicide by running the car in the garage. The suicide attempt didn’t work, but he ended up going back to Vietnam to finish his tour. Once her husband left, she moved her boyfriend back in. The husband knew his wife was unfaithful. The rumor was when he returned to Vietnam, he filed for divorce. The husband was quiet and very polite.

    • The timing for this affair would have been around 1974. I think a lot of that happened to servicemen. Some people like living on the edge. Stuff often catches up with you. A couple were convicted for stealing over a million dollars from a restaurant in Roswell they managed over a 16 year period. Our office manager told me that’s her cousin. Apparently the restaurant owner was an alcoholic and didn’t notice the graft. after he died his family took over and discovered the irregularities.

    • He took it very well. The young man was really handsome and polite. The way to get a kid grown up and well behaved. Thanks, Dale.

      • If course, it was not 4he young man’s fault and he seems to have understood his father did not know of his existence all this time. Still. It must have been quite the shock.

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