Cranes On The Water, Fire Rainbows In The Sky

The cranes were flying in and landing on the Rio Grande in bunches. Click on photos to enlarge them.

These are not technically Fire Rainbows (very rare) because we are below 55º north latitude, and the sun was much lower than 58º above the horizon as the sun was setting. However, the clouds were cirrus, and they obviously had ice crystals acting like prisms refracting sunlight and creating a firey rainbow effect. They are probably run-of-the-mill rainbow clouds.

Sunrise and a crescent moon peeking through the clouds.

Pink clouds make a halo around the Tangle Heart Tree.

91 thoughts on “Cranes On The Water, Fire Rainbows In The Sky

    • Thanks, Brian. I’m not surprised they are supposed to be rare. Do you want a wall size print of the last photo?

      • I really like it, but I’m probably good on the print front for now simply due to the fact I do not have a place to put it at this point in time – as soon as spot opens up I’ll reach out!

      • I know exacatacally what you mean about wall space. I already have a lot of photos and paintings stored. After my mom died, my sister brought me all the art and photos my mom had collected from me and Laurie over the years. It’s a lot. I hung a couple in my office, gave several away, and I still have a lot paintings and photos I don’t really have storage space for.

  1. Magnificent photos, Tim. Skies are always a so glorious, and those clouds are something else. Another owl too. Wonderful. Oh, and the cranes are of course, amazing.

    • I’m not much of a Deep Purple fan. Some of their songs are great for making parodies. Thanks, Orca.

  2. The first photo with the crane dancing like the legendary Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov made me smile and the shimmering clouds amazed me … – plus all the other beautiful captures.

  3. My goodness….The cranes are so beautiful.I was thinking how our school reading books would have illustrations, plainly done by some idiot, of them making them look quite ungainly. Your pictures capture their absolute majesty.

      • Actually, it wasn’t really “Christmasy” because one of my sisters caught Covid and the other had to work unexpectedly (she works in a hospital). So we didn’t get together like we do every year. It was quiet, just my husband, Providence and me! 🙂 I hope yours was more joyful!

  4. Relatable pictures, as always! I liked how you explained the phenomenon of rainbow-ish sky.
    Always a pleasure to see Cindy’s tree (the heart one, if I’m right?).
    Brilliant photography skills you’ve got 😀 You always amaze me.

    • Thanks, Sam. The Tangle Heart Tree is Holly’s tree. She has House of Heart blog. Did you do anything that was Christmas-like?

  5. Tim, your images just blow me away as you continue to get better and better. Just wow!! Absolutely stunning photographs!! And I thank you for the e-card!!! Bless you!! xo

  6. I enjoy your crane photographs. They are an interesting bird, always look to me like wizards in the fields when I’m traveling through Wisconsin. Read an awful story yesterday about a bird flu decimating the species in Israel.

    • That’s sad. Bird flu really takes its toll. They are fascinating and beautiful birds. I just read your about. Have you been to Roswell? Thanks, Crow City.

      • Excellent memoir. I might have been in your father’s souvenirs shop. He might not have told you what he did and saw in Vietnam even if you asked. He probably had nightmares about the carnage he dealt with daily while he was in Vietnam until the day he died. I know Vietnam vets who will not talk about there time there. It’s such a shame no one reached out to vets and helped when they came home.

  7. A gorgeous collection, Tim. There’s something akin to a rainbow effect with the mountain backdrop with 2 photos of the cranes, colorful anyway. “Fire rainbow’ clouds, and that last bright golden sunrise or sunset with the crane silhouettes? Stunning.

    • Thanks, Mary Jo.. It’s a sunset on the Sandias. The rainbow clouds are fascinating and beautiful we get them occasionally out here.

  8. Friday night, a winter storm is forecasted to blow in with 1-4 inches of snow. Though a winter aficionado, especially when a snow becomes a blizzard, Megan is not ready for the coming snow. If does come, she can handle an inch. She’d like to empty the closets before it snows.

    • Thanks, Gigi. The cranes are so beautiful flying, but they get a little silly when they come in for landing.

  9. Gorgeous photos. The cranes are exquisite and the owls so sweet!
    I was out back getting some sun when suddenly a flock of blackbirds flew over , there must have been 200 on the formation and they seem to all be cawing at once. It was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Straight out of Sci Fi.

    • Thanks, Holly, They were taken by your beauty shining in the sun. It sounds both sci-fi and Hitchcockian. The birds, not your body shining in the sun.

      • I heard through the Anaheim, Azusa & Cucamonga Crowing Circle that a murder of crows was totally smitten by a beautiful cherry bomb 🍒 💣. Have you seen the Cherry Bomb video? I take it you weren’t available to play the part of Cherry Bomb, so they had to make do with the woman that played the part?

      • They were probably led by Odin’s crows going back to report to Odin about the goddess they discovered.

      • Odin, who is sometimes called the Raven God, is not lazy, he simply sends his two ravens, Muninn and Huginn (meaning “mind or memory” and “thought”) out every morning in opposite directions to gather news for him. Each raven flies around the world and returns to give Odin the news of what’s happening in the world. Other crows and ravens tag along to see what’s happening, also. Seeing you sunbathing was a news worthy sight for sore raven eyes.

        You might find my 4th of July post from last year interesting. I wrote a song based on “Gylfaginning” a saga about the creation of the world, which Odin helped with:

        The song has 17 versus, 5 intro, 7 body and 5 outro. Each verse has 17 syllables in 5, 7, 5 structure in the style of haiku. The music is in 12/8 time. You can see the post at:

  10. The pink around the Tangle-Heart is magnificent!
    I had to grab the 2 shots. I know the Tangle-Heart is dead. How old do you think it still.
    Could it have been around since the 1920’s? (Working on a 20’s fashion show)

    • The THT was fairly young. Maybe 20 to 25 years old. None of the cottonwoods in the bosque go back to the 20s of last century because the bosque didn’t exist 100 years ago. But given that the THT can travel on time warps, she can be a tree in the last century’s 20s ans easily as this century’s 20s.

      • TRUE!
        Also the whole pink clouds thing is totally 1920’s, into the 1930’s. It’s going to be a fab post. I’ll be using those Tangle-Hearts in it!

  11. Wow! What a flock of herons. That is so cool.
    And there is nothing run-of-the-mill about those clouds. Such a cool phenomenon.
    The skies, the owls, the skies…

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