Spider Spunku

Spunk is rather proud of himself and his Spunku about barking spiders. One thing that’s different about a Spunku is that it rhymes.

Oh my what delight
Spiders barking in the night
Holding sheets down tight

Jumping Spider

Wild clouds at sunrise

Søren: “Hahahaha! A barking spider? Right! It needs ‘more cowbell’ stupid cat!”



86 thoughts on “Spider Spunku

    • Spunk is a clever kitty. Søren is named after Kierkegaard. He really says “more cowbell” and “stupid cat” along with a lot of other verbose birdie verbiages. Thanks, Mary Jo.

      • Kierkegaard is one of my favorite thinkers. I spent at least a year reading most of his theological works and a several comprehensive biographies, including Regine’s. Søren must be one smart and melancholy bird?

      • What a great reading venture. Søren is smart and he’s a smart ass. He tells us we’re liars, and breaks into conversations with snarky birdy remarks. Then he cusses at us when we tell him to butt out. Neither of us cuss. He picked up cussing from when he lived with Tristan, and he knows how to cuss effectively.

        He makes fun of us by talking and talking and talking in a higher voice, and then he pauses for a second and says “Yeah!” in a low voice, and then goes back to yackity yacking in the higher voice. He imitates a lot of sounds, which gets confusing to whether the sounds are Søren or the cats, etc.

        Since it’s cold out, we shut the door when the cats go out in the Sallyport and they have to scratch at the door for us to let them in. Søren has started imitating the cats scratching at the door. The first time he did it, I thought “is there a cat out?” I opened the door, and no cat. Then I realized it was Søren making the scratching at the door sound.

    • Spunk is a real renaissance kitty. Søren is very creative. He has lots of variations of “more cowbell” and the song “Lola” by the Kinks. He also tells jokes and laughs at them. He laughs at my jokes, also, which I appreciate since a lot of people don’t. Between Søren and the cats, there’s never a dull moment around our house. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • Thanks, Jeff. It was pretty dark so I couldn’t get much detail on the owl, but it’s nice to seem them (there wad two). I hear them every night, but they have been staying pretty well hidden.

    • Thanks, Eve. It’s a very sweet little jumping spider. We were playing hide a seek when I took that photo.

  1. What a fab post, all ’round! Love, love, love the Spunku and that photo of the spider is amazing. The skies… what can I say? They are always so spectacular!

  2. Those are all beautiful photos, Tim, especially the spider closeup. I love the detail and color on that fellow. It was good to see Søren and owl again, and Spunk is always a treat. Those clouds are pretty wild.

    The snow show here going to continue for a few days. We are getting some melting in between, but a new storm recovers the ground every day.

  3. Lol, this is exactly why cats lose their minds when they see a bird or hear a hooting owl, exactly because of a chap like Søren.

    Great story, the barking spider is the pits, Spunks can dream alot.

  4. Awww…. I did enjoy the pictures a lot, but the grey parrot caught my eye. While growing up, both my grandmother’s had such a parrot, grew with a red tail, so I named my grandmothers after their parrots names. Both parrots have, like my grandparents, unfortunately passed away. But whenever I see such a parrot, it brings me some loving memories. Thank you for that!

    • Thanks, Cynni. Søren is an African Gray parrot.. They do have red tail feathers. The are very smart. Like having a 5 year old.

      • You’re very welcome! Here they have a very literal name: grey red tail parrots. 😊 And yes, they are! One of them used to say several lines a d when we had Tom & Jerry on the TV, he’d be laughing the whole time. 😊

  5. Lololol! I adore that 1 fang hanging over Spunkie-Poo’s 💋 bottom lip. Maybe he was reciting his SpunKu.
    I could just kiss and kiss and kiss that little raspberry nose of his. He looks so cuddly in that blankie.
    Right, the rest of the pics are all cool! Søren is cute, but not so kissable.
    That my tree on the bottom? Or is it the Pano?

    • Hi Resa. That’s your tree from the east side of it. I’m looking west. I used a super-wide-angle lens. You noticed Spunk’s fang. He was getting ready to bite the toy we were playing with. It’s a super cute shot of spunk. Søren isn’t a cuddly bird. He prefers talking to cuddling.

  6. You got some Dutch spiders over there, huh… lol

    Soren used to command the XBox when it took voice commands. The best was the time he got it to turn off in the middle of a game.

  7. I love this new poetic form of Spunku (way better than tweetku). I will say that a poem on the subject of spiders is begging for an 8 syllable line to match the 8 legs, but overall, I enjoyed this spider-themed Spunku. I see Søren is not impressed.

  8. Call me crazy, but I think everything is better with more cowbell! By the way thanks to Spunk for shaming me – when you are out poetried (bri-word) by a cat your poetry days are over ha!

    • Hi Brian. Søren agrees with The Bruce Dickinson and you about everything sounds better with more cowbell. Søren’s in a fever! You just need to work harder on your poetry. But competing with Spunk is another thing. Not every cat can write poetry and do photography. Have you seen Spunk’s adventures with photography on my T&L Photos site? https://photos.tandlphotos.com/ Look under Cat Blogs on the top menu bar.

      • I had not seen those Spunk series before – incredibly talented cat you got there – and one that has mastered the old old school cameras. Blogs, photography, poetry, If Spunk takes up ultra-marathons I’m just going to throw in the towel and consider my life a shallow empty hole.

      • I don’t think you have to worry about Spunk taking up ultra-marathons. He’s more of a sprinter, tearing around the house as fast as he can, knocking many things over in the process.

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