Kick The Cat

Dawn’s colors were fleeting this morning.

The MLPs, Shocking Blue and Pink Venus, that Santa gave Laurie and me for Christmas started kicking the cats. I asked what’s up with that, and they said: “Kick The Cat” was a popular kids’ game. I told them the game was called “Kick The Can” and it was like “Hide and Seek”, “Capture the Flag” and “Tag” in one game and did not involve kicking cats. Shocking Blue said: “Oh! I heard ‘kick the cat!’ My bad!” I think they are mean and ornery MLPs. We had Shetland Ponies when I was growing up. One was named Frisky. She was a mean little pony. Frisky would buck us off and play “Kick The Kid”.

Shocking Blue and Pink Venus played “Kick The Cat” on Spunk, Marble, Sasha, and Silver. As it turned out, Silver, who bullies the other kitties, has taken a liking to the MLPs and got Shocking Blue and Pink Venus to settle down and snuggle with him. Maybe the MLPs with help silver stop bullying the other kitties.

The clouds were threatening rain at sunset.

Check Duolingo
Crap! In the demotion zone
Will I make it out?

At 33 minutes left on the clock, I found myself in the penultimate position in the Demotion Zone needing 140 XP to keep from being demoted. I was not the only one in the demotion zone trying to get out, so the number of XP needed to extricate myself increased as I worked through stories trying to amass points. In the end, I did make it out of the demotion zone with only 30 seconds to spare, but I had to get 252 XP to do it.

58 thoughts on “Kick The Cat

    • Thanks, JYP. Santa may have had a few too many by the time he found our place. He might have messed up.

      • The north pole is a lawless place. Santa is a bandit, ignoring all sleigh riding laws and violating multiple sovereign air spaces every year. Just a few of the reasons I like Santa. He’s a rebel with a Claus!

      • I’m sorry. I realized that when I read your latest post. Laughing at mucus humor does help expunge the phlegm, however. Speaking of coughing, cooties and phlegm, I have two groups, Coughing Cooties and Violent Phlegm. You can listen to Lovelorn Wasp by Coughing Cooties that I originally posted in 2019 at id you would like. I updated the song recently.

  1. What a brilliant post. The cats look adorable with the MLP’s, and Kick the Kid was the laugh of the day for me, though, as a kid, I doubt that was much fun. How do you like Duolingo? I’ve been using Rosetta Stone, yet I like this idea of a game of sorts. Nice job getting out of the demotion zone.

    • Thanks, Jeff. If you like games, Duolingo is great. I’m not a gamer, but it’s a good way to learn. It doesn’t bog you down with memorizing a bunch of grammar rules, you figure them out as you do exercises, stories, and audio lessons (only a few languages have stories and audio lessons). It has a free version with ads and you earn hearts that allow you to do exercises. When you make mistakes, you lose hearts. When you run out of hearts, you have to wait a certain amount of time to get more, or buy them with gems you earn when you finish lessons. If you want to be really competitive it’s easiest to pay for a subscription. Then you have unlimited hearts and no ads. I have a subscription, and while I haven’t been as competitive lately, and I have a lot of gems I could by hearts with, I keep the subscription as a donation to the learning community.

      • Welcome, Tim. That’s great. Thank you for this meaningful explanation. My oldest son is always talking about how much he has enjoyed keeping his language skills up with Duolingo. I’m going to check it out. Thanks again, Tim.

  2. The fleeting colours left their mark… It would seem the kitties, Silver in particular, have put the kybosh on kick the cat!
    DuoLingo seems like fun 🙂

  3. For some reason my boys immediately became MLP fans when they saw your post title – they became quite upset when I told them we didn’t have a cat they could kick. I expect holes chewed in my socks tomorrow ha!

  4. These little ponies can be pretty mean hey
    Spunk, Marble, Sasha, and Silver – interesting name for the kitties. There is alwayd one amongst the litter who turn out to be quite amicable. Reminds me of my handsome lazy fluffy, he wouldn’t trap a mouse if it wasn’t in the nature and necessity for survival. Otherwise like a typical lion in yhe jungle he was just one lazy cute don.

    Hopefully in future episodes the ponies will settle…i suppose unlikely so.

    Beautiful photography Timothy
    Loved the fleeting moment

    Well as for the escaping of demotion i don’t have much to say… no XP my side of the wood.

    Have a fine day.

    • Thanks, abvr. All are kitties have their sweet sides. I’m not surprised Silver took to the ponies. He carries bunnies, gophers and squirrels inside like a mama kitty carrying kittens. He doesn’t hurt them, but then I have to catch them and put them back outside. You don’t do Duo, I take it?

    • I remember kick the can was a lot of fun. While Frisky liked playing kick the kid, it wasn’t much fun for us kids. Thanks, Shey.

      • Between being bucked off horses, falling off horses, being kicked by horses, and crashing on motorcycles I’m lucking I survived my youth.

      • You know..// I listen to my grandies KICKING OFF re the slightest thing that way and I think don;t know you;re living. nNd then I think, we not only lived, we knew. xxx

      • Kids can’t be the same kind of wild today. A lot of stuff I did back then, like running from the cops across the desert on my dirtbike because I was speeding on the ditch bank are felonies today. So many innocent pranks we pulled off when I was a kid are against the law today. So sad.

      • You are so right TImothy. I grew up in one of the toughest areas of the city and it was also one of the then most remote, surrounded by countryside and ‘burns’ and you learned everything, truly. All very different now.

  5. Looks like those MLPs have multiple uses! I’m still waiting for the …other one! 😉
    As for Duolingo…. I felt like I entered the twilight zone. Just one word for you: Acronymphomania!!!!! 😉 Love the haiku!

    • It’s like twilightlingozonia — tongue all twisted up and totally worded out! Those Acronymphomaniacs are in continuous states of communication FUBAR, and never satisfied. The MLPs are sly little beasts. Completely unpredictable. Thanks, Marina.

  6. Both the sunrise and sunset photos were lovely….as alway. I played kick the can when I was a kid, but NEVER kick the cat…lol. I’ve always loved kitties.

  7. I didn’t know you had ponies growing up, Tim. Do you have any photos of them? I had a pony, then a horse when I got older and bigger. Some ponies can be very ornery, but they are cute!

    • Hi Lavinia. We had at least three ponies (a neighbor had a bunch of Shetland ponies), several horses, and a burro named Cisco when I was growing up. I used to ride horses a lot.

  8. I didn’t realize Silver is a bully!
    Seems he’s hoarding the Ponies for himself.
    Poor Spunkie-Poo 💋!
    The last shot is very cool. I think that’s my tree, but as you have it on Pano setting…I could be mistaken!
    Hope all is fab!

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