End Of Year PSA

With all the hoopla about Omicron, we must not forget about other diseases that run amok like Space Herpes (you can learn more about space herpes at https://news.sky.com/story/nasa-issues-space-herpes-warning-as-virus-reactivates-in-astronauts-11669335). I brought Space Herpes to the attention of OC&NE readers in March of 2020. While the video I put together in 2020 was decent, the parody, which I originally recorded in 2018, was really bloody awful. I completely redid the music and recorded new vocals between a dentist appointment at dawn and shopping for ingredients for New Year’s black-eyed peas in the afternoon. The parody is now a much better PSA. Lyrics are at the end of the post.

1st photo: Dawn from the dentist’s office. 2nd photo: Moon peeking through the clouds at the dentist’s office. 3rd photo: Sunrise through the bedroom window by Laurie.

Sasha showing us her belly. I don’t think your allergies are space herpes, Sasha.

Sunset from the grocery store parking lot. I thought I was going to miss sunset tonight, but the painter made sure we got a good showing from the store. She didn’t want to disappoint Marina. Marina doesn’t need withdrawals from her daily OD on New Mexico’s Naturaleza at the end of the year.

Space Herpes
Music: Deep Purple
Lyrics: Timothy Price

Well we lip-locked with the Vals on Venus
We were making out a lot on Mars
We’re smooching with the groovy aliens
Kissed across the universe afar

We messed around with Borealis
We got space herpes from the stars

Oh no oh no oh no
we got space herpes
oh no oh no oh no
space herpes

Remember when we kissed the moon rocks
Swinging around the Milky Way
We found Uranus was a rude shock
Pluto doesn’t see the light of day

We’re messin’ round in the solar system
And got space herpes along the way

Oh no oh no oh no
we got space herpes
oh no oh no oh no
space herpes

The Fireball we drank was burning
And now we have a new routine
Yeah yeah yeah yeah Marline said
They can kiss, but they cannot sing

We’re messin’ round in the solar system
Swinging around the Milky Way
We messed around with Borealis
Got space herpes every day

Oh no oh no oh no
we got space herpes
oh no oh no oh no
space herpes

Oh no oh no oh no
we got space herpes
oh no oh no oh no
space herpes

53 thoughts on “End Of Year PSA

  1. Very creative there Tim! Sorry on the dentist front – my annual visit is coming up when we return from Texas and NOT looking forward to that. Intriguing deep red hues in this batch.

    • Thanks, Brian. I had two old fillings, older than the Dentist, replace before those teeth broke requiring crowns.

    • Hahaha! Thanks, Orca. Your comment on yesterday’s post reminded me that I needed to redo that parody. I thank you for that. Space herpes and a McD’s quarterpounder? That’s a tough choice.

  2. I heard word on the interstellar
    grapevine that Uranus was the
    ground zero for space herpes.
    So when Buzz Lightyear said
    . . . “Let’s go there!”
    I said . . . “You go, Lego.”

    • Hahahaha! You are a clever one. According to Astrology.com “No one will ever characterize Uranus as subtle. …[it] coaxes erratic and bizarre behavior and byzantine schemes. A bohemian, utopian society is more in keeping with Uranus.” Impressive, I would say. Thanks, David.

  3. The song is well timed as it was just yesterday that I watched the Kindness Diaries talk with the astronaut who literally space walking in the southern aurora and watching it flow between his legs.

  4. Your sophisticated humor is a great way to end this weird year. Wishing you a safe, healthy and wonderful 2022, my dear friends! Jimi sends his regards!

  5. Oh-my-goodness… ad infinitum!!!!
    I’ll be welcoming 22 sky high!
    …and that is not just skies OD, Space Herpes just turboed my flight!
    I hope that was the last visit to the dentist!
    Happy last day of 21, my friend!

    • Thanks, Frank. There are so many things out there trying to get us. We are simply prey in a universe of viral preditors.

  6. I remember that video. 🙂 The sky and mountain photos are as beautiful as always, Tim and Laurie, and I always enjoy seeing the kitties!

    Have a Happy New Year down there in Corrales. It’s grey and quiet up here today, and the temperature is supposed to drop into the mid 20s tonight.

  7. One thing is for sure. You do not lack creativity! I don’t know where you find the time to put these together!
    Those pics are stunning, as per!

    • Aw! Thank you so much for your wonderful, comment, JYP. I’m happy really happy you liked it. You need all the entertainment you can get.

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