Daylight Crazy Time

Dawn on daylight savings time

A pair of Wood Ducks in water.

Crazy clouds just before sunset on daylight savings time.

Daddy Owl looking jolly on his new perch overlooking Mama Owl.

Crazy clouds just before sunset with various faces and critters.

71 thoughts on “Daylight Crazy Time

    • Thanks, Drew. I’m at 5:30 on weekdays and 6:00 on weekends so I see what the painter, as Marina calls her, has to offer every morning.

      • It looked like it was so-so over here, too. I had frozen my butt enough on today’s walk, I frankly didn’t care to find out just how much there might be!

      • It’s been could, I imagine you are much colder. Only so much butt freezing one can take trying to get photos.

      • I am so done with this bloody cold. Today the wind was particularly bitter. I was able to find a nice little spot and if I weren’t so tired, would finish my post. It’s about halfway done and shall wait for tomorrow!

      • Understandible. There was a real nip to the wind today. But even the sun was cold the few times it managed to peek through the clouds.

  1. They can definitely shimmer with the best of them in the sun, I just happen to really like when they have their necks extended and you can see the big crest in the back.

    • We do get great skies. Daddy Owl doesn’t mess around. I few hawks have met their demise trying to go for the owlets. Thanks, Bill.

      • He likes to hoot also. We often get hooting in surround sound from all the different owls hooting from different tree around the property.

    • Thanks, Gabriela. I always happy to brighten your evening. I hope all is well with you, Maya and Mr. Chruchill? Is there anyone else in your houshold I should be sending good cheer to?

  2. Those faces in the clouds, they are not friendly kind. Daddy Owl looked like he was taking a nap. The hard part today was noticing the loss of an hour. Start on something, then all of a sudden it’s three in the afternoon. Hopefully, it fixes itself tomorrow.

  3. It is wonderful to wake up with this kind of sceneries! The land around resembles to a bush land, is it the case? Do you live in a bush environment?

    • If you are thinking African bush environment, no. The African deserts in northern Africa and in South Africa are more similar to our environment. The bosque is a narrow wooded area that thrives along the Rio Grande. The environments in the valley and outside the valley are part of the high deserts and xeric shrublands ecoregion.

  4. Thank you for the explanation. I lived in the South African bush for a while, and i thought your place was quite similar, as far as sceneries, landscapes are concerned.

    • South Africa is similar. We are at a higher elevation. SA’s average elevation is 1045 meters, NM’s average elevation is 1915 meters. Our property and the bosque are at 1524 meters. Nurseries sell exotic plants from South Africa for people’s gardens because the South African plants do very well here.

  5. Great photography, Tim.
    I adore the Wood Ducks. I bet they don’t give one quack about DST!
    Oh … Robins. You had lots of robins in a post. I think I saw 1 robin a year ago. I might have Robin envy.

    • You’re right wood ducks don’t give a quack about DST. We are weird about time. I’ve never seen so many robins in one place. Thanks, Resa.

      • Everything is LOTS in the bosque. It’s almost like a long time ago, not prehistoric, but rich and plentiful.
        Thank you for all the wonderful pics. It’s a virtual holiday!

      • Most of the bosque is young. When you look at pictures of the Rio Grande from the 1930’s, it’s mostly marshland, willows and grasses along the banks of the river before they levees where built and the cottonwoods grew up to become the bosque.

      • Well, at least they built something good. I mean, turning marsh into the bosque seems like a good thing.

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