Wood Duck Daze

When I went out on a walk this morning, I found Daddy Owl in the tree he sits in when he watches over the owlets. Mama Owl’s ear tufts barely stuck up above the edge of the hole in the tree. A few cranes flew over close to the tops of the cottonwood trees. Most of the cranes have headed north. Only a few cranes are holding out.

Then I saw something moving in the cottonwoods. It was a female Wood Duck hopping and flying around between branches. A male Wood Duck soon followed. That was the first of three pairs of Wood Ducks I saw in the cottonwoods as I walked in the bosque this morning.

A couple of months ago there were some birders looking for the elusive Wood Ducks. I told them they were too early. They looked at me like I was crazy. The birders acted like the Wood Ducks are rare. Well, they were quite rare in the middle of the winter, but they are not rare now.

I took a lot of photos of the Wood Duck pairs. I was thinking about the best way to show a lot of Wood Duck photos and decided I’d write a song and put the photos to music. The song is not very polished, but I had fun doing it. I hope you enjoy Wood Duck Daze and the all photos of the Wood Ducks.

62 thoughts on “Wood Duck Daze

  1. Another fun dance through the Bosque. The ducks are beautiful…crazy beautiful. I enjoyed the video.

    • Thanks, Susan. They say the male is one of the most colorful ducks around. They are really quite beautiful.

      • Hi Tim. It’s very nice here, the weather is pleasant. Sunny but not too hot. That will change soon and it will be sweltering. I went for a little visit to Ozark Al. ( business) . Such a small town but great southern cooking at a little diner we discovered. Things look wonderful in the bosque, I hope you are doing great.

      • Did you have a banjo on you knee? Southern cooking sounds delightful. Since Laurie is presenting her paper tomorrow, and we lose and hour of sleep tonight, we got Rudy’s roadkill barbecue takeout for dinner tonight. We rarely eat out. It was very tasty.

      • I had “Bama’s best burger “ , they weren’t exaggerating either! I once lived in Huntsville Al and it’s a sprawling metropolis now but little Ozark just stays the same. I rarely eat out but had little choice. Take out is good though. I hope you and Laurie are doing well , the kitties too.

      • The kitties are as ornery as ever. We are thriving. Although our governess has ordered all schools to go back back to buildings at full capacity on April 5th. Laurie and other teachers aren’t very happy with that.

      • Teachers are being vaccinated here in Fla. they were declining Returning to the classroom otherwise and I don’t blame them. That’s one thing DeSantis has done right. Teaching is a tough profession right now…and always!

      • A couple of months ago there was a plan to vaccinate all the teachers in Sandoval county over two days. Somewhere around 1800 people. The head of the teachers union in Bernalillo county complained about it and put a stop to it. I think that messed up all the vaccinations in Sandoval county, where we live. New Mexico in one of the only states ahead of Florida for per capita vaccinations, but we still have issues with our rollout because of petty politics.

      • It’s very frustrating, teachers are definitely on the front line. It’s a pity politics is gumming up the works of fighting this pandemic. I hope she gets the vaccine, I had mine with no after effects.

      • We got our first round last week. It was Pfizer, so we should get out second shot in 21 days, No schedule yet.

      • Good question? Did you react to the Moderna? My sister did but her husband and my mom didn’t.

      • That’s good. My sister said she got COVID arm after the first shot, and then she got really sick with a high fever for exactly 24 hours after the second shot. Of course for me a lot of the systems they say I might feel I have all of the time anyway. So I can’t say I’ve had any reaction to the first shot.

      • My brother in law got very ill with intestinal issues about 3 days after his final dose of Moderna. High fever too. I guess it depends on how your immune system kicks in. Sorry you have to feel less than great Tim. I’m glad your getting the vaccine.

    • I’m happy you liked the video, Lavinia. I was surprised to see three pairs of Wood Ducks. They are in the same trees with the owls. I guess they have a deal with the owls. The owls protecting the owlets from the Cooper’s Hawks also protect the Wood Duck ducklings from the Cooper’s Hawks as well.

  2. Very cool video, Tim. Must be just a tad satisfying to one up the know-it-all birders 😉
    Those wood ducks are wild. They look fake (I know they’re not!)

  3. I didn’t know these ducks. They are beautiful. I suppose the green and red headed ones are the males? You did a very good job with this video, it’s a nice way to show them.

    • Thanks, Flo. Yes. The ducks with the green, red and white striped heads are the males. The females are a little plain, but they do have nice eyeliner. I’m happy you liked the video.

    • Thanks, Marina. The bass line is from a library of bass samples. I got the library free for signing up for a Bass Magazine. It was a great deal. I wish I could play bass like that.

      • I just realized that I wrote baseline instead of bass line 🙄😬🤔 you know, just one brain [as we say here: “one brain winter or summer”] 😉 Brain needs a rest from time to time, but…
        Well, sample or not, it blends really well and I’m pretty sure you can play that!

      • Baseline is not that dissimilar to bass line. The meaning was correct. If I worked at it I could learn it, but why learn when it’s right there for me. Tools are tools and we make good use of them.

  4. I did enjoy this musical celebration of the wood ducks, Timothy. I can honestly say I have never heard a wood duck song before, and that’s a shame because wood ducks are so very special. Finding them in a cottonwood tree is unique, usually they’re in the water or walking on land. And I liked when you zoomed in on the head and said they looked crazy, because that one did at that moment. This was wonderful!

    • Thanks, Jet. The males will fluff up the plumage on their heads making them look more crazed. I didn’t have a clear shot when he had his plumage fluffed.

  5. We were in South Padre Island in January and the place was going nuts because a wood duck had shown up at the Bird Viewing and Nature Center. They are a regular here so I was caught off guard by the hoopla that occurred when someone saw me photographing it from the boardwalk – apparently hasn’t been seen down there for over 13 years. By the way, your parody brings to mind the B-52s!

    • Thanks, Brian. Besides people were looking for them in the middle of winter, the wood ducks are quite common here this time of year. I just posted a photo of another pair of wood ducks in the river. B52s? I hadn’t thought of that.

  6. Wonderful and entertaining photos and music, Tim. Thanks for sharing the Bosque with us.

    • You are welcome, Juanita. I’m happy you liked the music and video. Thanks, for stopping by.

  7. This is a wonderful presentation of the Wood Ducks… and Mama’s tufts.
    The music is fab, the song is cute/perfect really.
    Thank you for this, Tim!

    • Thanks, Resa. I’m happy you liked the song. I put it together very quickly so it’s pretty raw.

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