63 thoughts on “Arterial

      • Yep. I used to love the raccoons the most but that ended when I learned about their seriously dangerous poop. The skunks and opossums have always been nice to me. And, of course, every cat in a 20mile radius (okay, maybe it’s only a 2block diameter).

      • The raccoons can be real problems, not only the ringworm, but they are destructive. We don’t have possums, but we do have lots of skunks. Besides mating season, the skunks don’t really spray much, and they are great for getting grubs. We get a lot of neighbors’ cats hanging out on the property.

      • Raccoon poop contain a brain-eating worm that enters your body by inhaling dried fecal dust. Their dry poop is literally supposed to be handled like hazmat!!

      • I didn’t recall that it’s a roundworm. I read one article that said it lived through fire but I haven’t been able to find it again.

    • Hi Marina. It’s real, now as for the interpretation, Dale brought “holy frijoles” into the mix, which did make me consider the possibility that this explosion of colorful clouds could be from the effects frijoles might have on dieties.

    • You are welcome, Drew. Thanks for dropping by. I have not had a chance to check out your latest video. Heading that way.

      • I just listened to your video and commented. As I mentioned, Spanish is such a beautiful and poetic language. I turned on the cc so I could read along with you and Elvira recited your poems. Your Spanish is excellent, but I miss a lot when only listening, having the cc really helps. You might remind people that cc is available on the videos. Viewers can probably set it to translate if they don’t understand the language you are using.

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