La La La La Llorona

I presented my paper Quinientos años de lágrimas: The persistence of La Llorona — 16th Century to Present at The 52nd Annual Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association this afternoon. The convention was scheduled to be held in Philadelphia, PA, but like so many things in our world of covid cooties, the organizers decided it was best to do a virtual conference. That was a wise decision, but it certainly changes the dynamics of a conference. I thought it was fitting to add the above parody I posted last year.

The last warning sliver moon in March.Sasha: “Do you like my La Llorona eyes?”

Marble: “No Sasha! This is how you make La Lorona eyes!”

Neither of you has it right. You need to be crying. Sasha & Marble: “Cats don’t cry! Stupid La Llorona!”

Silver: “La Llorona? Meh!”

Spunk: “No stinking La Llorona will get to me behind these bars!”

Glenda: “What’s that you say?”

“La la la La Llorona?”

Loki: “I’m not impressed!”

“Talk to the paws and claws La Llorona!”

Gwendolyn: “Yeah! Talk to the paws!”

Daddy Owl: “I don’t see no stinking La Llorona! What’s that you say? La Llorona can shapeshift into an owl? Ha ha ho ho hoo who. That’s a Hoot!”

70 thoughts on “La La La La Llorona

    • You are welcome, Gabriela. I’m happy you liked the video, and I know you wanted to see the kitties and the owl. The wind was blowing hard when I went out so Mama Owl was tucked into her nest. Daddy owl was braving the wind keeping a watch over Mama Owl. You can see his ear tufts are blowing around in the photo.

      • “The wind was blowing hard when I went out so Mama Owl was tucked into her nest. Daddy owl was braving the wind keeping a watch over Mama Owl. You can see his ear tufts are blowing around in the photo.” Oh, this is so sweet. Indeed I can see his ear. And my tree! Thank you so much. You made my evening. Maya and Mr. Churchill are sending kisses to everyone.

      • Thank Maya and Mr. Churchill. Spunk and the kittens send hugs, purrs and kitty kisses. How is you ankle doing these days?

      • I will and thank you for the hugs and the purrs. Maya and Mr. Churchill are very happy. I am doing pretty well. Not fully recovered but getting there. Thank you for asking 🤗

      • That’s good. It’s amazing how long it takes twists and sprains to heal.

  1. Of course, now you are getting me to go Google La Llorona! The cats – the ones willing to participate, did a rather good job of the eyes…

  2. That would have been great to use just slides of your cats to give the Llorona presentation. Hope you enjoyed giving your presentation and felt it went well.

    • I think it went well. One of the other presenters cat has getting into her screen during the last presentation. My paper was quite different from the other papers. My paper probably should have been more with papers dealing specifically with folklore. One person in the audience said she was doing a similar presentation of broader scope of folklore that included a little bit on La Llorona. That was interesting.

  3. Sounds like a pretty serious conference on such an important piece of Spanish folklore. I know my dad had a La Llorona story which I can’t seem to recall too well. I do remember him mention about a woman who wailed uncontrollably. He did talk about his grandpa and his friend picking up a woman on a dark road, on the way to a dance. When his friend looked down the floorboard to find something, he noticed the woman’s cloven hooves.

  4. Haha! This is a hoot! Though maybe the cats in the background would go, meow, talk to the paws!

  5. I’ll tell you one thing: if The Knack heard that version they would retire their own! I would! Not to mention the all star furry crew and that tiny slice of moon. Doesn’t get any better than this!!!!

  6. I enjoyed this eclectic combination of folklore, original music, cat conversation, and wildlife photography. Dear Timothy, you are a very interesting and unpredictable person, and I always enjoy what you present. Congrats on presenting your paper at the NE Modern Language Convention.

    • Thanks, Jet. I think I’m generally very predictable with owls, cats, cranes and herons, but there’s always the element of surprise.

  7. I LOVE the video and have signed up to your YouTube channel. Enjoyed the Capsaicin Club and your guitar is fabulous.I am delighted to hear that your presentation went well even though it was held virtually.

    • All critters great, like kitties, and small, like us, need to know about La Llorona. Thanks, Tiffany.

  8. I knew nothing about La Llarona so I went and had a look on the web, I know a little bit more now. The pictures of the kitties are really nice, it seems that you are quite a good ‘cat director’! 🙂

    • Cat herding and directing is a specialty. Now you have learned something about La Llorona.

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