Surround Clouds






Daddy Owl has been working hard watching over and feeding Mama Owl while she sits on her eggs.

He was nodding off this afternoon.


“I was not nodding off! I had an itch I needed to scratch. Stupid Paparazzo!”

Daddy Owl was up a little higher on a new perch tonight that has a really good view of Mama Owl on the nest.

55 thoughts on “Surround Clouds

  1. I was gonna do a cloud post, then for sidetracked by the prosery. My clouds have nothing on your spectacle!
    Daddy owl must be pulling double duty…

  2. Tim, just love all the cloud photos. The red sunset on the mountain crest was awesome. You give Daddy Owl quite a personality. Made me smile. 📚🎶 Christine

    • Thanks, Christine. Daddy Owl is a bit one-dimensional when it comes to personality. But he has his moments.

  3. Oh my… if it’s overwhelming to me from a distance, I can image how it must be for you!!!! Dolby Atmos surround!!!!! Poor Daddy Owl, too tired from watching and taking care of Mama to enjoy!

  4. Just blown away, Tim!! Those cloud pictures are phenomenal and so powerful!! As for the owl, WOW, excellent captures!!! I find it both inspiring and amazing how these birds work tirelessly for their family this time of the year. I never tire watching them nor do I tire viewing the sky. Amazing shots!!! xo

  5. Never seen a series of Owl nodding off. What a unique capture. And your “it’s a cloudy day” gallery is an understatement. Appreciated the Cardinal and Ordinal directions in the captions.

  6. Daddy Owl was not nodding off, he says! You drew quick conclusions! Your place looks wonderful, your photos are great… And those clouds and skies… wow.

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