A storm rolled in this afternoon whiting out the Sandias.

The Sandias are somewhere in the whiteout.

Daddy Owl found a nice triangle in the cottonwood that offered a little protection from the wind and sleet.

I called to Mama Owl and she put up an ear tuft for me.

There were about a hundred Robins hopping, lying around, and foraging on the levee.

A pair of Robins.

I could only get about a dozen in the telephoto frame. They were tiny dots with wider angles under the drab light under the clouds.

Squadron of fighter ducks.

The pTeradactyl in the clear water ditch.

He decided I was too close and flew a few hundred feet down the ditch.

He felt he was at a safe distance obviously not wanting to leave the Clearwater ditch and the cover of the trees.

66 thoughts on “Whiteout

  1. Busy day! Can’t decide which photo I love best but those ducks in formation is pretty fabulous. The crane is wonderful and I just can’t get enough of those owls.

    • Those ducks were perfect. The heron usually flies off into the bosque, but he wanted to stay in the clear ditch. I was the only human out braving the cold and wind. Stupid, annoying paparazzo. Thanks, Dale.

      • Seriously perfect! And nice of him to stick around for you! I feel ya. I’m one of those annoyers too πŸ˜‰

      • Just when he thought it was safe to be in the clear ditch, the stupid paparazzo comes along and points a bazooka-sized lens at him. What’s a poor pTerodactyl to do?

    • The ducks are ready for anything. The pTer was not very happy with me being out it the cold pestering him. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. Our mountains have been disappearing and reappearing then disappearing again all afternoon. We might get snow, we might not. Later tonight, the wind is going to crank up again. Far SE Colorado, that escaped the weekend blizzard, is under a blizzard warning tonight into tomorrow. You have a lot of robins.

  3. Sleet – we are being spared, so far. The weather was sunny and in the upper 50s here today. I love the pictures of your bosque critters. All is right in their corner of the world./

    • Thanks, Lavinia. It was in the 50s until about 3:30, then the temperatures dropped, and with wind was icy.

  4. I love the squadron of fighter ducks πŸ™‚
    No… to be honest, I like your complete post Timothy. Is seems that you had also stormy weather.
    I think Mama Owl was in the best protected spot.

  5. I must learn a little about this big bird, that I had never heard about before your blog. Its name sounds a little ‘prehistoric’. Your photographs are amazing. Thanks for all your sharing

    • Hi Flo. The bird is a Great Blue Heron. I call them Pterodactyls, because they look and sound like how I would imagine Pterodactyls looked like and sounded like a few million years ago.

      • I was wondering …about the bird. Good thing I read some of the comments instead of asking again. You do know your birdies well.

      • It’s fine to ask again. Sometimes it’s hard to read all the comments. I often read comments to see if my question was answered. Thanks, Ruelha.

  6. Ok ! i thought it was another species connected to the prehistoric one, sort of ‘descendant’. This Great Blue heron is superb !

  7. All those Robins! Wow!
    Hi Tim… it’s good to be back. I’ve missed many of your posts. So it was good to see all your birds in the bosque. That heron was amazing!

  8. Do the robins stay, or are they just passing through? So many makes me think it’s a migration. You’re so blessed with birds! That blue heron, and that magnificent owl…

  9. That looks like my tree centre left, first shot! Do the cottonwoods have buds, yet?
    I hope conditions are right for the cottonwoods to get cotton this year!
    I’d love some close ups of the cotton things for when I post the gown. (in 3-6 months)
    I’ve been shooting the new Art Gown for 2 days, and will do Monday as well.

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