Gray Matters

I walked out to the river at dusk to see if I could get the moonrise. Only gray clouds from the approaching storm.

Demons and dragons closing in on Resa’s tree.

I woke up a 3:30 am, walked outside, and shot the moon as it slipped through the clouds before disappearing behind the trees.

A tree held onto the moon after it slipped through the clouds.

Mars, Jupiter, and Venus at 3:48 am.

90 thoughts on “Gray Matters

  1. I told myself last night…don’t forget to capture the full moon. Your post comes in and I’m like. Argh! I go out. Where’s da moon?
    Thank goodness we have you, Tim. Beauteous shots!
    I especially love the first two shots.

  2. Gray matters in the sky and in the trees makes for gorgeous photos, Tim. Your interrupted sleep pattern gives us incredible photography. Thank you. πŸ“šπŸŽΆ Christine .

    • You are welcome, Christine. I just cam in from photographing the moonrise through the clouds. I don’t think I got the K2 comet. It’s too cloudy.

    • I just watched it rise through the clouds while I was looking for the K2 comet, that I coun’t see through the clouds.

    • Last night it was really full and bright. I had to shoot it through the clouds again. Thanks, einfachtilda.

    • Thanks, Marina. I got the moon rising through the clouds last night. But I don’t think I got the comet. Too much cloud cover.

    • The storm petered out by the time it got to us. “Β‘Tenemos quatro gotas!” like the old Spaniards used to say. Thanks, JYP.

  3. I loved those moon shots. The tree wrapped around the moon is amazing!
    I sure hope you were able to get back to sleep after taking these fabulous shots.
    Goodnight, Tim.

  4. I stole the Demons and dragons pic, for my Tim’s Trees folder.
    Did it rain?
    Wow, the tree holding onto the moon is a brilliant shot Tim. Congrats! You really do have magic trees.
    Speaking of grey, my internet was down for at least 8 hours. There seems to be much patching up going on since the BIG DOWN.

    • We’ve been getting a little rain. It’s amazing how little rain it takes for some plants to grow in the desert. Our Johnson grass is taller that I am in some areas on the property. A lot of green all of a sudden. Thanks, Resa.

      • A lot of green. We have pathways that have walls of grass on either side.

      • Walls of grass. I know that from the prairies. Sometimes walls of golden wheat. Have to be careful not to get lost!

      • People get lost in the massive corn and wheat fields in the midwest. We can’t get lost in our grasses. I’ll send you photos of the views from the grasses.

  5. Captivating photos!! Especially the photos; “gray clouds from the approaching storm” and “A tree held onto the moon after it slipped through the clouds” — i liked the mostπŸ‘

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