54 thoughts on “Full Moon No K2

  1. Another set of stunning photos, Tim. The first set of clouds looks like a giant hand about ready to grab the paparazzo.

    Good luck catching the K2 comet. How long a window do you have?

  2. Oh… WOW! There ought to be a svale for the wows you evoke with your images. A scale that constantly breaks the top barrier. Speechless yet again. Who cares about K2 with such clouds?!!!

    • Those clouds were on a rather grande “svale” to block the K2. But what the “svale” does in matter? Thanks, Marina. Typos can be fun. Of course my spell check corrected “svale” and I have to change it back. I can’t believe the typos I’ve been producing lately, and spell check doesn’t alert me or correct them.

  3. Wow, the Tanger photos are so beautiful, love them all. I have a new cat. He hangs out in my patio cooling off on the tiles and under the shrubbery. I think he’s my neighbors but he likes us best. 😊

  4. LOVE the Tanager pics! Yet, another bird I have never seen.
    How long will the comet be in your sky? Maybe you’ll catch it tonight?
    I like dragon flies. They are quite pretty, but do they have to be so large? Beautiful shot!

    • I think the comet is gone. The Tanagers are shy. These shots were from a great distance. Thanks, Resa.

    • Full moons are difficult to get really sharp craters because they are so bright, the craters flatten out. The tanagers keep themselves pretty well hidden.

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