38 thoughts on “Cats & Things

  1. Kitties know the secret of life, don’t they?
    5 huh? Well, we’re way ahead of you with 9,1€ [if lucky!] a gallon!… considering $/€ are almost equal now! Way to go Mazda! 😉

  2. I look more like Sasha whenever I have to fill up the RV with diesel lately (the, I’m dead look). Pulling the Jeep gets me 13mph making these dog shows painful.

  3. Beautiful photos, Silver is showing off that beautiful coat of his. I too am luck to have a low gas consumption vehicle. Gas dipped to 3.98 here last Thursday.

    • I haven’t paid close attention to what regular gas costs. I have to put premium in both of our cars. The truck takes regular, but I hardly drive the truck. Thanks, Holly.

    • I have to get premium. I think regular is around $4 a gallon. Either way it’s a lot. Thanks, Tiffany.

  4. The cats look very comfy! I like Glenda’s eye nicely framed by the grid, too. Glad to see the Mazda is still doing well.

    It was cool and cloudy here yesterday, and this morning. Not bad for July up here.

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