48 thoughts on “Iridescence @ Sunset

  1. Tim, what spectacular sunsets! I like # 7 with the white cat’s ears poking up from the cloud. I find things in others too. Kinda fun! Thanks! 📚🎶Christine

    • You are welcome, Christine. There were lots of interesting shapes inthat set of clouds.

  2. Funny, on another’s post, I just admired a metallic green bee on a yellow daisy and now metallic green beetle on green leaf here 🙂 Very cool beetle.
    Beautiful skies too!

  3. The beetle and vegetation is a very beautiful composition, Tim. The cloudscapes and lighting are amazing! Your images are very soothing to look at. I remember in the hospital and being able to dial into a channel where images like these went by, accompanied by soft music. That might make a nice video you could sell.

    • They do make a nice ambiance. That is certainly something to think about. Thanks, Lavinia.

  4. wow a rainbow bug Tim.. I love it. What kind of bug is it do you know?
    Is the sky really that pretty or is it your filters that make it appear that way?

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