Dancing With The Stars

Out at 4:00 am dancing with the stars and planets and La Llorona and Chupacraba

Since I got home late tonight, I didn’t do any redneck roofing. Instead, I went out to check on the owls. We had not seen any sign of the owls for the past 3 days. I think part of it was the fire department was running their super noisy airboat up and down the river all weekend watching for fires in the bosque. On Thursday, 30 acres of bosque burned south of Montaño Blvd., about 8 miles south of us. All was quiet tonight. The first bird I encountered looked like a juvenile Western Blue Bird. Then Daddy Owl came swooping through the property and landed on Susan’s tree. I thought he was going to get a squirrel squirreling around up ahead of me, but he didn’t go for it. But then our bunny came running out and he showed interest in the bunny. Laurie bravely stood between Daddy Owl and the bunny as we told Daddy Owl to leave our bunny be. We told him he can get all the squirrels and gophers he wants, but we draw the line when it comes to our bunny.

As we were heading to where the owlets hang out, a Cooper’s Hawk buzzed us and landed on a nearby tree for a few seconds. When I got up to the Tangle Heart Tree, Mama owl was just taking off to go shopping. The owlets were there peeping like crazy wanting Mama and Daddy to bring them food. A few minutes later Mama Owl returned and gave Mary whatever she caught. When I looked at what Mary had in her beak in the photo, it looks like a cicada, but I can’t say for sure. Mama, flew back to Wowlmart, as Shey calls it, but it was getting dark, so we didn’t stick around to see if she or Daddy Owl came back with anything interesting.

Mars and Jupiter

Western Bluebird

Daddy Owl on Susan’s tree eyeing our bunny. He gave up after we told him no.

Cooper’s Hawk

Mama Owl flying off to Wowlmart.

Smokey sunset.

Sliver moon

43 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars

  1. 🦉La Llorona,🦉
    oh you see it in the stars, and the vampire too?

    🦉Laurie bravely stood between Daddy Owl and the bunny as we told Daddy Owl to leave our bunny be.🦉

    Reprimanded, I would’ve love to see DO’s face..

    🦉but we draw the line when it comes to our bunny.🦉

    Awwwww 🤗, inagine being scoffed by an owl

    Next they will be opening in a Wowlworth…so cute 😍

    The sliver of silvermoon looks stunning in the night sky. 🌙

    I enjoyed the read.

    • La Llorona is not in the stars. She’s prowling the ditch banks crying for her kids she drowned. She hangs out with me from time to time when I’m out at night. The same goes for Chupacabra. Daddy owl turned his back on us we Laurie stood between him and the bunny. Thanks, abvr.

      • Ah, look at me smiling at your long note. Thank you 😊, I was wondering about them. She comes to cry by you.
        A symbolic visitation in these heart-breaking times.
        Lol, defeated Daddy Owl.
        You are welcome.

  2. That’s Daddy Wowl told then. Sure he can go to Wowlmart instead and leave your bunny alone. Epic pics. Love the dancing with the stars and all the wandering spirits of the night at 4 am bit.

    • It was a super thin Lizzy sliver moon. A little on the anorexic side of lunar phases. I don’t always catch the moon the day after the new moon. It was 1.7% full. Thanks, Liz

  3. Ah, Tim, I love that abstract dance!
    Kudos to Laurie for protecting the bunny!
    Skies look gorgeous …even with the smoke, if only though…
    Happy June to paradise inhabitants!

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