42 thoughts on “The United Colors Of Smoke

    • One if the same fiery NM. Las Vegas is about 115 miles NE of us and Taos is 120 miles north of us. Thanks, JTP.

  1. Perfect silhouette… of course it would’ve been so much better if the cause of that gorgeous orange was a sunset, or sunrise…
    Is that a firefighter I see in the second photo? Fires look very near! I hope the go out SOON!!!!

    • The first one is colored t sunset. Smoke helped the coloring. The fires are not close by, thankfully. Thanks, Marina.

  2. Smoke adds an alien orange glow, even at midday. It does make conditions for some interesting and beautiful photography, though. Beautiful photo of bird and tree in black against the sky.

    Conditions in the western sky up here in the evening have not been good enough to see the growing moon, and I am pleased to see you caught it and posted it for readers.

  3. So glad to read that the fires are not close by… These pictures are spectacular, Tim. So different the one from the other.

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