Redneck Roofer

Jupiter is making its way around Mars in the center of the photo. Venus is just rising on the left and Saturn is on the right. There was a nice alignment of stars that are at the top of the photo.

Since our cover over the deck was looking like it would rip anytime in the wind, Laurie suggested that we put a permanent roof on the canopy over the deck for our anniversary. We had thought about it for years but never did it. I ordered the supplies Sunday morning and picked them up Sunday afternoon. I started working on the roof at 7:00 am this morning and ran out of screws and energy at 7:00 pm. The vented part of the roof took a lot longer to build than I had anticipated. All my joints are complaining tonight.

Twelve hours of work with only water breaks.

Our pink Peony is blooming

I spied this beautiful rose hidden in the bush when I was on the ladder.

A spray of our anniversary Petunias

72 thoughts on “Redneck Roofer

  1. Only water breaks! I thought you smarter than that! Silly man. I miss our plexi deck cover Mick built on our first house. I want to do the same here one day. Gotta find me a handyman first!
    Beautiful roses.

    • I was serious hoping to get the roof done. But that was not in the forecast. The cats only have the catio to go out to while the deck is unfinished. I’m getting a lot of kitty complaining because they are cut off from their new cat tree.

  2. It will be good to have a roof, and it will look nice when it is done. You should take better care of yourself while working on those kind of projects, though.

    The flower photos are beautiful, and I enjoyed the sky chart. Cloudy up here this morning.

    • I ate breakfast, so I didn’t need much more than water. It will be nice when I get it done. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. I hope you have finished replacing the roof successfully. I’m sure you’ll both enjoy the new place.

  4. Oh…. that’s a lot of work! I’m amazed how you actually managed to do as much as you did! Got to take care of those bones though first! Love the alignment, roses and petunias!

  5. Good looking roof project, Tim. As I was reading I was thinking of the kitties, knowing that this kind of activity would probably set them off. I forgot that the new tree was located on the patio, and I can picture that feline kerfuffle would reign. I can relate to running out of screws and energy. Been there before.

    • Calculating screws is always a problem with the numbers they are sold in. The kitties do have their catio, so they are dealing. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  6. That’s going to be really nice when you’re done with it Timothy. I’m thinking it’s not as hot there as here. The pics are beautiful. Do be careful.

  7. wow looks great Tim, Great gift for the 2 of you …lots of honey dos … I have an area I’d love to do that. at.. planets have lined up and the flowers are magnificent. 🌹💖🌹👏👏👏

  8. Thought of you while I was standing outside at midnight trying to see the meteor shower through the Big Dipper – only saw 7, quite the let down. Looks like a hard job you got there.

    • I haven’t seen meteors showering. We’ve been seeing satellites passing overhead and various shooting stars. Thanks, Brian.

    • I have 3 different sized ladders and I’m was up and down them so many times. I can feel it in my quads. Thanks, Sue.

      • One of our staff needs to have a knee replaced. The wait time is only a couple of months. Major surgeries are fairly easy to schedule. Routine procedures have long waits because they stopped doing them during the lockdowns, and now the back logs are huge.

      • IMHO, government should not be involved with healthcare. Government agencies should be few and minimally involved in our lives not be our nannies.

      • If we all took better care of ourselves and ate wholesome natural foods… we all would be a lot better health wise.. instead it’s big business… ill health…… no profits made on healthy people… 🙄

  9. What a lot of work that roof is.
    My back has been in pain all week, from sewing and laundry. No comparison.
    You work VERY hard where you live. Where you live is a paradise. All you need is rain.
    Meanwhile, Holly is staying home, because the streets are flooded in Miami.
    I think the term “balance of nature” is now the “imbalance of nature”.

    Your flowers are inspiring. I’m still working on my Art Gown Iris drawing. It’s a beautiful drawing. I’m waiting for the Paint inspiration to get a hold of me.

    Anyway, be safe…all of you!
    I’m going to write a mail after I catch up here. xo

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