Evening Blue

For the first evening that we are trying to save the daylight, which, by the way, is not endangered out here, the Painter went a little wild jamming with the clouds.

Venus and Mars showed up at 6:30 am, the time formerly known as 5:30 am.

Daddy Owl enjoying the colors

54 thoughts on “Evening Blue

  1. You and Daddy Owl saw some beautiful sky down there today. Windy and rainy up here until afternoon, then just overcast.

    I enjoyed your jamb session. Good to hear you playing music and keeping it alive.

  2. β™‘which, by the way, is not endangered out here,β™‘

    Lol, this is a good one. Still listening to the BJamb as I’m writing, getting to the solo parts and i like it. Well done, just finished listening.

    I like the way Venus and Mars showed up in your collection, Daddy Owl too

    Wishing you a great Monday

  3. Oh, Tim, I love the B Jamb and solos!! Great jam!
    The time formerly known… it’s that time of year again! The dreaded DST. We’ve still got 14 days to the formerly known …time!
    I’m glad the painter doesn’t seem to mind and is in great mood! What a color explosion. I’m enjoying with Daddy owl.

  4. I enjoyed your latest music project, The B Jamb. It could be on the soundtrack of The Big Lebowski, with that late ’60 Captain Beefheart vibe.
    I ordered a new Mac Studio computer (and Studio Display) last week. My 8 year old iMac is having some problems with running Logic Pro smoothly due to the heavy sample libraries. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait 10–12 weeks…

    • Thanks, Herman. I hadn’t thought of Captain Beefheart in a while. Did you order the Mac Studio M1 Max or the Mac Studio M1 Ultra? Either one will have more speed and power than you can imagine. You are going to love the M1. We are thinking of getting one for the office. We are down to only a few Intel Macs in the office.

      • I ordered the M1 Max because the M1 Ultra is not necessary for music productions according to the first articles I read. And the Ultra models are rather expensive… But there seems to be some compatibility issues with macOS 12 Monterey and a lot of plugins. Oh well, that will all be fixed soon I guess…

      • The M1 Max is similar to my MacBook Pro. There are a few issues with older plugins. I can’t get my Studio One set up the same on the M1 as it is on my Intel MacBook Pro I use in the studio. I’m tempted to get a Mac Studio for the studio.

      • I’ll probably use both computers the first months until the Mac Studio is ok and shows not too much compatibility problems. I love the name Apple chose for the new product!

      • When I set up my MacBook Pro M1, I installed everything from scratch. The only apps that were not native M1 were Adobe apps. I think they finally updated them. I’ve have no compatibility issues other than some old plugins. I’ve had no compatibility issues with my M1 Mac Mini at the office. I’ve been using it for over a year.

  5. Firstly …LOVE the wowl. The soft colors are gorgeous. Secondly, the skies are epic. A visual feast. Then there’s the jamb. PLEASE PLEASE stick to your promise to give us more .

  6. What a sky! My goodness the painter is generous in your neck of the woods! I think mine were decent, too but I was not in the mood for freezing my butt off last night πŸ™‚ Mars and Venus in such a beautiful shade of blue.
    Loved the BJam!

  7. Wow! I love the video, Timothy! In fact, it reminded me of another Timothy – Good ol’ Timothy Leary and the Ken Kesey crowd. You really do rock! And Mother Nature was right there with all the glorious colors! Great photos!

    • Thanks you for the wonderful comment, Dawn. I’m happy you liked the jam. It’s funny when I’ve discussed writing original songs and music with some folks, they tell me they have trouble coming up with original melodies because of all the music they have listened to and played over the years. My answer is true there’s hardly anything you can do that hasn’t been done or influenced by something you have seen or heard, or even things you have not directly seen or heard. However, whatever you come up with normally has some sense of originality. It’s like Herman’s reference to Captain Beefheart and your reference to Timothy Leary and the Ken Kesey crowd. I know the names, but I’m only tangentially familiar with their music. I’m always happy when listeners can relate my songs, sounds, playing to great artists.

  8. Must say you don’t get to hear a lot of bass solos these days! Like the skins driving underlying beat (complete with solo!) – you going through a reverb/echo on the guitar parts?

    • I have a lot of affects at my disposal for the guitar. In this one, I used peach fuzz and static from emulating an Orange amp. I added lead delay and echo on top of that. You might want to try this. After you get the drums, rhythm guitars, and bass line down, you jam with the lead guitar and work through the song leaving whatever screwups, wrong notes, key shifts in the process. I think I was playing in the key of B. That was part of the exercise. Playing in a key I rarely use. Thanks, Brian.

  9. The B Jamb is FAB! I just looked away when the flashing got to be too much for me. Anyway, it’s about the music. You did great. Tim.
    Norm jams with himself, often. Usually he picks a bass/drums that he’s programmed. Then he plays/jams lead guitar with it. Throws in rhythms.
    He did this a lot during Covid lock downs.
    It’s not the same as live drums, bass, rhythm guitar and singer, but it’s pretty good.
    Sometimes I felt sad, because …. well… I knew he missed his pals & what they do together.
    Also, playing live is one of the ways they earn $$.
    When the lock downs were lifted, and they got back together, and it sounded like they were playing for their lives. The passion was exhilarating.

    • Thanks, Resa. I’m happy you like the jam. I don’t have anyone else to play with so I have to play with myself. πŸ€ͺ It’s a fun exercise to just jam through a piece. Norm is going to be way batter at it than I am for sure. My BIL is back to playing live. I’m not sure I could play live these days between numb fingers and chemo brain. I forget where I am in the music. It’s really sad. Flamenco dance teachers used to like having me accompany their dance classes because when they had to stop in the middle of a song to have students drill a part, I could pick back up where we left off and continue playing through the song. Apparently, a lot of the flamenco guitarists couldn’t pick up where they left off and had to start back at the beginning.

      • You obviously have a lot of talent!
        Playing live is a demanding situation.
        Covid is a demanding situation. When restrictions were lifted, and the guys got back out there in the live world…3 got covid, and they are boosted.
        Keep playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Being jabbed and boosted doesn’t seem to mean much in the world of covid.

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