38 thoughts on “Hosed

  1. An enjoyable assortment of photos, Tom. The coiled hose is very artistic, and I always love to see the critters and moon. No moon viewing up here tonight, the rain started in this afternoon.

  2. At first I thought that first shot was a snake and was going to show Linda .. all but guaranteeing we would never get near your neck of the woods. Finally realized it was a hose – may still show it to her just to get a laugh…at her expense ha. Nice white-throated you got there. One of the few sparrows blessed with a dash of color.

    • He does have a nice dash of color that I caught while he took a short break between dashing from bush to bush, tree to tree. Let me know Linda’s reaction to the hose. Thanks, Brian.

    • You are welcome, Janet. That’s Glenda and Gwendolyn lying on Laurie in the wee hours of the morning.

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