37 thoughts on “Twist

  1. I love that line

    The last summer always brings something to remember

    So let’s twist again
    In these bright and faded hues

    • As your summer wanes into fall, the winds are slowly twisting us out of winter into spring. Speaking of twisted, time springs forward tomorrow. Another hour of sleep will go twisting down the drain.

      • Oh dear yes
        You lose an hour to become younger?
        Yes we are fling into autumn
        Although today it is very hot on the south coast

  2. It goes round and round, up and down. Round and round, up and down. Round and round and a up and down. and a one two three kick, one two three jump.

    • I think you just described a deviation of “teslicle’s deviant to Fudd’s Law.” — Firesign Theater.

    • Good you like the song. I don’t and the Twist is one of the few dances I don’t like. Too boring. Thanks, JYP.

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