Daddy Owl was animated tonight, flying to different trees, and hooting as I walked along the levee.

Spunk giving me owl eyes.

44 thoughts on “Animated

  1. Please Mr Owl ..

    “In Need of a Wise Owl”
    I’ve been searching the planet for our wisest owl
    One that doesn’t droop his jowl, nor scowl
    Are you the clever owl who will lead our world
    Perched there stoically with wings unfurled
    The statesman of our ancient forests
    And guardian of our forgotten promises
    Wisdom radiates from your knowing eyes
    What do you observe from your throne in the sky
    Are we honest enough, are we even worthy?
    Have we enough modesty, are we even earthly?

    • Bugs ran out in front of me and then simply ignored me while I photographed him. He thought Daddy Owl was getting too much attention. Thanks, Jeff.

  2. Maybe Daddy Owl feels that spring is in the air…. 🙂 Spunk looks great with its big eyes and my compliments for the shot of the moon !

  3. I think Spunk’s jealous of your night out with Daddy Owl and tries to convince you to take him with you! Of course Bugs couldn’t be anything else but a casual passer by! 😉

    • He was really interacting tonight. I think he’s a little board and lonely with Mama owl on the nest except to get meals from him. Thanks, JYP.

      • I feel for Daddy Owl, wanting to have some fun before the responsibilities of fatherhood. And it is kind of annoying to have a partner who just wants to nest and make you get her takeout. She’s got good reasons, but I also get Daddy Owl.

      • The owls be what they be. I’m sure they would just a soon be free of the weirdo paparazzo, but since he’s persistent, they might as well have some fun. Right. I’ve often wondered what Daddy Owl thinks about while perched for hours watching over mama owl and the owlets.

  4. Wonder if Mamma is getting close to laying some eggs and putting Daddy on higher alert. Finally had a few Barreds show up in our woods, but no Great-Horned yet. They tend to like a bit more open area to hunt than we have available, but from time to time we’ll surprise each other when I have to take the pups out late at night. Dem’ Spunky Owl Eyes are creeping me out

    • Mama Owl has been on her egggs for almost three weeks. The owlets should be hatching out in the next couple of weeks. A we should see fuzzy heads in a week or two after that. Thanks, Brian.

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