D Wowl

Daddy Owl (Wowls as Shey’s grandson calls them) might be a little lonely with Mama Owl in her nest. I got home late again, went out at dusk, and Daddy Owl was sitting in a cottonwood looking at the levee. I tried to get his attention, but we gave me a side glance Like “Don’t bother me, Boy!” He flew down onto the lower bank of the levee. I thought he might have pounced on gopher, so was looking for him on the bank with the Bazooka through the tangle of twigs. While I was looking for him I heard a very loud and insistent hoot right in front of me. I looked up and he was perched on a branch above me with a look like “Are you looking for me? Well, here I am!” I moved around to see if he had a gopher, but as you can see in the first photo above, his talons are empty. He hooted at me, fluffed up, shook himself, then he took off and flew to another cottonwood in the cover of darkness.

Almost full

53 thoughts on “D Wowl

  1. He’s probably thinking about all the work that’s in store for him once the youngsters are hatched. Going to take a lot of gophers to keep Momma and the owlets nourished.

    • He takes gophers, birds, snakes, bats and ducks once the owlets hatch. Mama Owl goes back to hunting, also. It takes both of them to keep growing owlets fed. Thanks, Brian.

  2. Those are beautiful photos of Daddy Wowl, Tim. He is also stealthy, sneaking up on you like that.

    I like your moon shot, too. We had enough clearing at sundown to see the moon high in the eastern sky, above the bank of clouds that had moved on.

  3. It’s great to have a owl family close to your home. I’m still hoping to find a location where I can spot owls – until now without succes.

    • I think he decided years ago I was not a suitable meal. But he does have a lot to say. Thanks, Tone.

      • I mean, I’d steal it for my rapper name except I cannot rap at all. [There was an incident from the competitive karaoke days where I had to rap during Hip Hop week for our female solo (all the other women on our team were classically trained professional sopranos and refused to do it) and it was awful.] Learned my lesson.

        But I could see Dumpsta-Spunk and D Wowl collaborating on a new hit single.

      • Rap takes practice like everything else. I’m not very good at it, like all thing singing. I don’t like Rap, per se. I find American Rap really difficult to listen to. I listen to the Italian rappers like J-Ax to get the rhythm. You have Dumpsta-Spunk and D Wowl thinking.

      • You are right that the right song has a lot to do with it. I’m working on a parody now that is not right. I’m having lots of trouble with it. But I’m going to get it right, eventually! Persistence also pays off most of the time.

  4. Do you think Daddy owl was mad at you cuz he was going to pounce something and you got in the middle of it or him or just wanting to say hi? love him all puffed up.

  5. I maintain that he now considers you part of his inner circle. He expects you and also searches you out. You’re IN Paparazzo!
    Love the shots. 🙂
    Happy Wednesday, Tim!

  6. Grandkids come up with the best names! Does D Wowl fluff up in preparation of flight for a reason (feather prep) or is it mostly just like a good stretch?

  7. Whenever I do catch the moon out, I think to myself
    “Wow, that’s gonna look a lot better when I see it tomorrow on Tim’s blog.”
    Awesome as always Tim.

  8. You are a Wowls whisperer, Tim. Your conversations with Daddy Owl remind me that we are truly connected to other creatures who share our world. I am always inspired when I come to your space.

    • It’s shooting wowls as you can see. Canon has a new 1200mm lens for their mirrorless cameras if you want to go all-out medieval on your subjects. Thanks, Julie.

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