Dawn At Work

7:00 am (formerly known as 6:00 am) at the office. The sky was wild.

5:00 pm (formerly known as 4:00 pm) when I got home from work. The sky was wild.

6:20 pm (formerly known as 5:20 pm), the almost full March Moon, AKA Worm Moon, would have been rising over the mountains. No moon, but the sky was wild.

Tangle Heart Tree pinching March Clouds.

A wild sky over the Rio Grande and Sandias. The cranes are gone.

When I walked out to Fourth of July Point where I took the above photo, I didn’t see or hear D Wowl. On my way back I heard D Wowl hoot from one of his trees between the clearwater ditch and the irrigation ditch. I couldn’t see him in the darkness, so I called out “Where are you Daddy Owl?” He flew out of the tree and landed on a branch next to me. He didn’t say a word, simply posed. I told him that I had posted photos of him two nights in a row and that everyone was going to get tired of seeing him. I don’t think he believed me.

I continued walking north, and I made a side trip to Beaver Point. D Wowl flew to one of his favorite perches near Beaver Point as I walked by.

40 thoughts on “Dawn At Work

  1. Beautiful wild skies, Tim. It is thinly overcast is places here this morning and I caught a glimpse of rose on the underside of clouds to the east .

    You are the Owl Man, Tim. Daddy Owl knows and trusts you. Hopefully he does not call your name. I remember reading a book as a youngster about an old native legend. If one heard the owl call their name, their time was near.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Navajo are suspicious of owls for that reason. For them an owl showing up is a harbinger of death.

  2. Those are truly wild skies! I’m hoping my skies stay clear enough to capture the Worm Moon tonight but hey…

    And see? D-Wowl comes when you call! That is so fabulous. Beautiful shots of him.

    • Thanks, Dale. It’s still cloudy this morning and Eeeven raining a little. I hope it clears for the Worm Moon tonight. Yeah I think D Wowl likes a little bit of interaction.

  3. Daddy Owl knows he’s got that elusive “it” that makes him irresistible; he knows we never tire of gazing upon his gorgeousness.
    By the way, I saw on the news—fake and otherwise—yesterday that congress is working on a bill to make daylight saving time a permanent thing. Personally, I don’t care which time we go by. Just wish they’d pick one and be done with it.

    • Thanks, KT. I’m with you. I don’t care which one time we are on, just stick with one.

  4. Owls are wise, they know we will never get tired of seeing shots of them. Happen to know who I can complain to in order to get my missing hour back hehehe.

  5. Wow Tim, what a special connection you have created with Daddy Owl and the sky celebrated your bond so beautifully! What an honor. I be he is soooo excited to share the babies with your when they come. Can’t wait.

  6. You know, I do believe you and daddy owl are friends. He knows you.
    You know him.
    One day …. I don’t know when, we will get a crazy sky. Hopefully, I’ll get to take pics.
    We had this crazy red sky a few years ago. Amazing! Nothing like it! Apparently it had something to do with pollution.

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