41 thoughts on “Worm Moon Rising

  1. I love the gathering perched upon the branches coming to receive the word of the Worm Moon.
    In fact the whole gathering in water, touching earth and moving in the air.

    Great collection

  2. I agree. That first shot after the birds is stunning, Timothy. I went out, but alas, no moon for me.
    All the shots are gorgeous.

  3. I enjoyed all these beautiful and amazing photos, Tim. Moonrise over the Sandias and reflecting in the river was particularly enchanting. It is always a pleasure to see the beavers swimming about.

  4. An alternative name to the “Worm Moon” is the “Sugar Moon,” which is in reference to the collection of maple sap for maple syrup. To be called maple syrup, the US standard is the syrup must be nearly all made from maple sap. Vermont and NY have more restrictive definitions to be called maple syrup. The Canadian standard of maple syrup must be at least 66% from maple sap.

  5. Nice grackles! Those are grackles in the first shot?
    Nothing against worms, but I prefer Sugar Moon.
    Aww, the beaver! Is there a beaver moon?

      • Rats! I adore sparrows, and here I was attempting to show off my nature studies knowledge. Crazy,but there used to be tons of sparrows around here. Last 4/5 yeas they have all but vanished. Will check out Bmoon!

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