C&H Worm Moon

The Worm Moon, AKA The Sugar Moon, rose behind the towers on the Sandias tonight.

48 thoughts on “C&H Worm Moon

    • Oh no! Not again? That is so frustrating. It was clear tonight. I knew the moon would come up after dark, but I wasn’t sure where it would rise over the Sandias. I am really happy it came up behind the towers. I’m happy you got to see it from my part of the world.

  1. Goodness…. what a show!!!!!!!! Standing here in awe… and to think I never left since your last show! You’re stuck with me now! Seriously, what a Moon and the painter wasn’t lacking in mood either. Doesn’t get better than this!

    • “C&H” is brand of sugar, so that’s a joke. The worm moon and sugar moon are names of the March moon in the USA. Thanks, Heidi.

  2. Beautiful scenes of dusk on the river and of the moon, Tim> We had rain last night and this morning, so no moon viewing possible here.

    C&H Cane Sugar – I recognized that one! C&H Worm sounds like it would make a good name for a slow moving freight train. πŸ™‚

  3. Crazy amazing moon rising shots.
    I had forgotten about the towers on the Sandias. The shots are like a sci-fi. Quite brilliant.

  4. I’m going to stop trying to photograph the moon… everytime I do, a certain Tim does it better than wot I can. Humph! Hahaha! Bootiful, mate!

    • A certain Tim has a Bazooka. Your recent shots of the moon were fantastic. Thanks, Inchcock.

      • Thanks, mate. I’m working with the 1989 camera that Carer Richard (Bless him) gave me, it takes AA batterries (5)! Fujifilm FinePix S, about two weeks ago. I only found out how to change the photo size this morning, Haha! I seems a little easier to use than the Canon, in as much as I don’t press the wrong, buttons or catch untintended ones, so often as on the Canon. The end quality is not so good, though, but if I ever get out again, I can take spare batterries with me in case they die. It does not like snapping the moon… for some reason. Hahaha!
        Cheers, mate.

    • We’ve had a lot of clouds. It was nice to have a clear evening. We actually got a sprinkle of rain a few minutes ago. Thanks, Dawn.

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