54 thoughts on “The Cranes Are Gone

  1. That was great, Tim! You live in such a cool area with so much to see… Lucky for us, you are most generous with your sharing (even your bloody awful songs πŸ˜‰ )

    • It is bloody awful. I found the song impossible to get in tune with. Bass Hunter uses auto-tune when he sings. I now know why. Thanks, Dale.

      • But you were right. I thought about trying auto-tune, but I’ve never used it before. T-Pane and Redfoo use auto-tune, but I think its more for the effect.

      • Nah… So then, I guess we’ll see the evidence of your trials in the future? Who and who? I’m not in the know…

  2. Please return again…
    A farewell to every crane…
    From photoing you, Tim will have to abstain…
    You’ve given Tim joy, and us in the main…
    So, we can’t really complain…
    Impatience Tim will constrain,
    You’ve never been any bother or pain,
    A new song Tim might be playing…
    Please return again…

  3. You surprised me with your latest song. This sounds a lot different from your previous projects. Always great to hear a good song while having my first espresso on a Sunday morning.

    • Thanks, Herman. Not something I would normally go for, but it’s perfect for the occasion.

  4. Oh, no….. I will miss them too but what a way to bid them farewell, Tim! I love the song and images to remember them with. Till next Fall! Onwards to blooms! 🌷

  5. Fantastic video and song! We are seein many cranes here, spring seems to be a our best Crane season and lots of little ones. I hope the can endure the blistering heat of our summers but there’s always ponds and waterways to hang out in. I love your song and photos too.

  6. Tulips! They are beautiful spots of color in early spring. I enjoyed your crane video and song. Sad to see those cranes go, but they will return.

    The first part of the night was clear, and I did get to see the moon. She is on the wane now.

  7. The cranes are probably making a layover in the San Luis Valley right now. They stay about 7-10 days before moving up to another layover spot on the Platte in Nebraska.

  8. Now that is some synths right out of a 90’s rave! (also sounds like electric drums as well – major compression). The good news is they are heading our way so we will get to enjoy them for a while here in the Midwest. (channeling my favorite producer/music critic Rick Beato never autotune – the human elements are what makes the song!)

    • There’s a the heavey use of autotune which artists use for the effect. Have you seen Weird Al explain autotune? I don’t care for the sound, although Bass Hunter doesn’t use it as heavily as some artists. I like a lot of his songs, generally the Swedish versions are better and the lyrics are completely different from the English lyrics. He uses a hot woman in his videos. Turns out she’s Iranian and a porn star. A bit oxymoronic I would say.

  9. Interesting! They fly in a V formation, like Canada Geese.
    Still, they will return, and we have the Owls in the meantime!!
    Adore the song, Tim!
    Oh, we have thawed dirt here. No buds…nothing, yet.

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