Come Together… Over Me

Daddy Owl (left) and Mama Owl came together over me tonight.

The geese were really cranky this evening. They did take a break from cranking to do synchronized preening.

Mama Owl

Late afternoon to sunset.

Daddy Owl looking at Mama Owl who’s giving the Paparazzo the squint like Clint.

59 thoughts on “Come Together… Over Me

  1. Fabulous pictures of the owl couple.
    And those geese really do look like they’re giving hell to the cranes!
    Spectacular moon and skies and the light on the Sandias is gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Dale, The geese were getting after each other and the cranes were in the way, At one point the geese were chasing each other through a group of cranes and the cranes were hopping up in the air one after the other as the greese ran through them.

  2. I love these photos of the bosque and river, and all the life in various forms. They are peaceful to look at, and gives the feeling all is right and life is proceeding as it should. The owls make a beautiful pair. And I always love moon shots!

    It is clear and starry tonight up here. I just came back in from watching the constellation Orion chase the gibbous waxing moon across the night sky.

  3. Fabulous shots Tim, I just love it when you photograph the owls they are just so majestic. All the photos you take of the moon I love, you are so talented. I have really been enjoying reading your poetry as well. Hope you two are having a great week. Love and Hugs, Joni

  4. “The squint like Clint” That’s so great. How is it that you get such great shots of owls, Tim? Is it that there are many where you are. That first pic of Mamma and Daddy together is the best I’ve seen yet. Sky is brilliant.

  5. Those owls! Their colors and markings blend so beautifully with their habitat. Nature surely is divine. Thank you for highlighting that truth for us. 🙏🏻 Funny captions and your moon shot is magnificent!

  6. Warms my heart to see the Owls again! – major jealous you have these fine specimens to enjoy. I did manage to tin my first short-eared owl and eastern screech owl on my current trip which was super exciting (also saw my first barn owl, but you will likely never see those shots – whew, were those bad ha).

    • I’ve got a shot of a screech owl a few years ago. They say we have barn owls. I’ve never seen one. Thanks, Brian.

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