The Devil’s In The Dually

I left the office late this evening, so I had to do a drive-by of the clouds and contrails at sunset. While I was sitting behind a dually at the light, I noticed the Devil staring at me through the tailgate. He was using the holes my headlights made reflecting in the tailgate to see what was going on. Satin is a shifty little devil when it comes to shapes and reflections.

I was late because we replaced 55 fluorescent fixtures on our tenant’s side of the building with 55 LED fixtures. It was quite an undertaking, and I can feel rigor mortis settling in trying to stiffen up my joints. I’ll be contorted and stiff by morning like when Silver gets a case of Cater-Mortis.

Drive-by of clouds and contrails at sunset.

56 thoughts on “The Devil’s In The Dually

    • It certainly is. We saw a dually low rider the other day. It was the weirdest looking thing. Thanks, Michele.

  1. Wow, always good to be on the lookout. Changing all those lights reminds me of this summer when we cleaned out our storage area. I could also feel a sore morning was coming, and, indeed it did come. Take care with that, Tim. Sky pic is stunning. The pink is glorious.

      • The main reason I buy Fords is that they didn’t take the offer of a government bailout years ago. Also, all Fords I’ve owned in my life have been good vehicles.No more GMCs for me.

      • I’ve only had old classic Chevys. Ford did good to not take the government bait.

    • That thing, without the Devil is enough to give you nightmares. Thanks, Herman, Happy you saw it when you could have espresso and chocolate to drive out any demons.

  2. We usually call them tow trucks, first time I hear the name dually.

    The devil is definitely in all the deatails.

    I hope your joints are alright now.

    I love the photos of the dually,
    Illustrated they could make a great feature or character in an animated movie.

    Wow I’ve never seen a sunset sky like that before, besides in photography collections like yours.

    Great stuff.

    • Thanks, abvr. The duallies are used to pull horse trails and other heavy loads. But a lot of people drive them all the time out here.

      • You welcome Timothy.
        I would be lying if i say i see them alot, but the tow truck specific for picking up smashed vehicles yes. We have so much road accidents so they sit in waiting on the highway and national roads. Maybe they not duallies, just tow trucks.

      • “Dually” genreally refers to the dual rear tires on consumer pickup trucks. Our tow trucks are very large and often have two sets of dually tires. You have to call for a tow truck here. They don’t wait around for crashes.

      • It’s just a given that these tow trucks sit on our highway because it is business for them. The centre is usually called, and whoever is there first, get the business.

  3. That is a lot of LED fixtures, Tim. No wonder you are sore. Epsom salts in warm water might help the hands.

    Those clouds made an interesting formation., and that is one big truck!

  4. Kinda see it, kinda don’t. Maybe it’s because I spent part of my afternoon at the dealership getting my brake light bulbs replaced. I would do it, but carmakers have made replacing the easy stuff so darn hard. Plus, you have to reset the warning indicator on the dash.

    Replacing all those fluorescent fixtures would have anyone stiff and sore, particularly the neck and the fingers. Helping Megan move has been hard my hands, especially on the fingertips. She’s letting set up her house while she’s away in training. Talk about trust, lol.

    • I changed a headlight bulb on a 2006 Mazda once. That ended up being a major deal involving watching several YouTube videos on how to do it. I’ve had the deanship change bulbs ever since.

      You are a brave man to set up a woman’s house.

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