38 thoughts on “Crane Ballet

    • Thanks, Holly. The owls are starting to show themselves again. We hear them every night, but only the last week they are perching in their usual spots.

      • They don’t seem interested in moving on. I wonder where they were the last few months. They are fascinating, I’ve never seen a family of owls before.

      • They were here all during the fall. We could hear them hooting every night, but they stayed hidden in the bosque. This couple have been hanging out here since 2016.

  1. Love all the photos, with the geese flying into the sunset the perfect end to a beautiful winter day. Thank you for sharing them with us, Tim.

  2. That’s cool having a family of owls live nearby…and they pose so nicely. The cranes and birds in flight give me a feeling of calmness and peace. We can all use more of that.

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