Wasp In Winter

Wasp? Did I hear you say Wasp in winter?

Tristan found this wasp with her wings tucked under her while we were setting up for Reyes. Tristan put the wasp in a container with some honey to see how long she will last. The wasp may be an old lady since she was found snuggled up by herself in one of our cushions on the deck.

Towhees toodling together in Dr. Huey.

60 thoughts on “Wasp In Winter

  1. That was a Clever buz as always Timothy. I’m always terrified of getting stung. Well at least she had some honey in her last days. Surprised the bird doesn’t scoop her up for dinner.

    • It’s a Sparrow, but I don’t know that we have chipping sparrows out here. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. Respect! I love it when people take time and care for such little helpless creatures.
    Thanks for another good song, Tim!

    • You are welcome, Herman. All creature deserve respect and compassion. Thanks for dropping by and listening.

    • I think our paradise would do you in between cats, wasps and your allergies. Good thing you can partake from the other side of the world. Thanks, Shey.

      • Lol.. I am just terrible with cats and wasps. This being an old house they make nests in brickwork and under slates. They especially like the slates around my study velux…

      • Yeah. What wasn’t so funny was when we had leaks in the roof there two separate ones …one was just caused by a gutter backing up… and no roofer would go near it cos of the bikes. It is a high roof with a drop onto the concrete courtyard so I didn’t blame them.

  3. They are a hardy lot. Will always recall the Christmas my sister and I lived in NYC and as was tradition, bought a tree from a sidewalk vendor. Dragging it home we gleefully set it up in our living room then watched in horror as several angry wasps swarmed out. Just picture the scene, two 20 something girls running around trying to escape the fury of their relocation. Though I would have though them grateful for a warm shelter…

    • Hi Kathy. Great story. Your wasps are not unlike Aesop’s Fable when the farmer brings the almost frozen snake inside. When the snake thaws and revives it bites his wife and children. No appreciation for the farmer saving its life.

  4. Looks a lot like a Yellow jacket. If so, no sympathy for it here. While mowing, we’ve been attacked by them many a time — and they don’t give up. Great pictures of the sparrow and towhees. Nice that you were able to get the male and the female towhee in one photo.

  5. I never get tired of looking at the beautiful bird shots Tim. The wasp video was cool, but I got to tell you those things are pesky critters. We had to kill some this year as we had two very large nest on our property and people were getting bit. The pest control specialist said they never died from the year before. Also the guy who got bit about eleven times, evidently when the first one bites it sends out pheromones that tell all the other wasp to attack. Great shots of the wasps. Thanks Tim great posts!

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