Epiphany was on Thursday, but we celebrated this evening with Cocido Madrileño and Spanish chocolate outside with fires to keep us warm.

The morning sky was magnificent.

I started splitting wood for the fires this morning. Craig and Lane continued splitting wood when they came over in the afternoon.

Sunset was beautiful.

Fires kept us warm.

The clouds cleared and the stars showed brightly.

92 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. Every post of yours is a visual feast. Hi, Orion! The only constellation I can find- and that I usually see immediately- in the sky.

  2. Happy Epiphany…a lovely celebration. I love fire pits and all your photos are beautiful. I have pot but only used it once last winter. Believe it or not they are very popular down here though mainly to roast marshmallows.

    • Are Smores popular? It’s been a year since we have had Fires. Last Epiphany for a matter of fact. Thanks, Holly.

  3. Cocido is very good to warm up the body during a cold weather. In Spain it is customary to have chocolate with churros at the end of the New Year’s night, people party all night and in the morning before going home they have chocolate with churros. Nice photos and videos!

    • Thanks, Abel. We lived in Madrid for 4 years and have continued the tradition of Cocido and Chocolate on Reyes, sin churros.

      • Madrid is a city that I like, although I have never lived in it, I have occasionally worked there and have visited it on many occasions. This Christmas we have been a couple of days there visiting a friend.
        I am from Galicia although I have been living abroad for a few years.
        Nice to meet you!

      • Nice to meet you. We visited Galicia a few times. We saw Carlos Núñez in concert a few times in Spain. He played a concert here in Albuquerque about 15 years ago, and my wife and daughter met him after the concert. Galicia is beautiful.

      • It is very pleasant news that you know Galicia and like it. As I normally live abroad, sometimes I listen to Carlos Nuñez when I miss my homeland

  4. With every description of what illustrious means, such was your day
    I love these moments of great revelations on an ordinary Thursday night, then the unfolding celebration.
    I become quite nostalgic at the sight of a heavy iron pot seated upon fire fed with logs.

  5. Beautiful!
    I keep craving a fire pit, or even a patio heater, but the reality is that I’d never use them. Not 0ractical when it’s just me & cats!

    • You have a point. A space heater would be good for lounging outside at night, even if it’s just you and the kitties. Thanks, Leenda.

  6. I love this post. Spanish chocolate…oh yes. I wish a few folks who came over here would split some of the beasts of logs I’ve got just now. But I am inspired, ah\ving watched your vid, to get to the task in Spring now.

    • I’m always happy to give you inspiration, Shey. I can imagine you have some beastly logs. Thnaks.

      • yeah I cut up a load already but there’s plenty beasts, enough for next winter, cos we get wood from one of our son in law’s who has his own joinery biz and also off the beach. And I am not just talking little bits of driftwood either… as the wee granddaughter would tell you, the day we drove up the road with a tree trunk hanging out the window. (At 2 and a half you could see she was mortified and not for getting in the car. I said… ‘I can hear her in years to come, how N’n Da took her to the beach under the pretext of getting to build sandcastles and play at Castle Green but really it was so they could nab half a trunk and drive up the road with it, neary taking out half the traffic.’ And she burst out laughing.)
        We have never paid a penny for wood here, not even kindling. Our last house was very diff that way.

      • Hahaha! That’s so funny. She will pass along that story for a long time. We never pay for firewood either.

      • Yeah it’s good to get it all for free, especially the price of it now–here anyway. We could not look at heating our last house now. As it was it cost more than the mortgage every month. It was funny re the wee lass. When we got home you could see she felt she had been part of an adventure!!

  7. Looks like a fun way to celebrate, Tim! We had clear skies up here last night, too, and a good view of the stars and moon. It is a frosty 30 degrees this morning. It’s going to to be beautiful day, too.

  8. It would have been a little cold here, last night, with snow and cold outside. Indoors, not so bad with chocolate and a fire in the hearth.

  9. Gee, I haven’t sat by an outside fire for so long, I can’t even remember.
    Looks like a fab time and the Cocido Madrileño sounds perfect. Cheers!
    Is that my tree under the magnificent morning sky?

  10. How fun! There’s nothing like a fire… we had one yesterday. But no Spanish hot chocolate for us. Next time!
    Beautiful skies again my friend.

  11. Terrific series of images Timothy, the sunrise had me but I think the golden light of the sunset wins! Nothing quite like sitting around a fire outside and staring into the embers 😊

    • Thanks, Tone. It’s special for us. We don’t do it much, and it’s really cold at night here.

  12. Nothing says celebration more than a good fire – I should light one in celebration of FINALLY getting caught up on all the blog posts I’ve missed to this point on our trip!

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